Air impact wrench buying guide 2017

Amongst all the common pneumatic tools, the air impact wrench definitely sits high on the list of the most worthy purchases because it is not just multi-functional but very handy too. This tool also goes by its other names like rattle gun, torque gun and air gun. It provides maximum torque with minimal exertion on the user’s part and unlike its traditional corded or cordless counterparts it does not run on electricity but on compressed air.

Air impact wrench buying guide 2017A convenient fact about this product is that it comes in a variety of socket sizes. You will be able to find small ones perfect for assembling and disassembling minor projects as well as large ones meant for commercial use or for use in major construction projects. You can choose from amongst two different styles – inline style or the pistol style. While the former is held like a screwdriver, the latter, as evident from its name, should be held like a gun.

When it comes to the  impact wrench, there are lots of ways in which the accessories or sockets can be attached to the anvil. While some models may use a spring-loaded pin which secures the socket by snapping into the matching hole others may have hog rings which snap into the pre-made indents to hold the sockets in place. If you are purchasing this kind of tool then you will have to get an air compressor for it too.

Something that makes a good air impact wrench such a worthy purchase even over cordless impact wrench, is the fact that while the latter can be used only for small to medium torque projects, the former can be used for all kinds of project, irrespective of size and type. The reason attributed to the possibility of using this kind of wrench for high ranges of torque is the immense amount of power packed into it.

In addition to it being power packed, it is also highly portable, like the cordless impact wrench. Moreover, for professionals in a field like the automotive industry, the air impact wrench is definitely preferred over the cordless gun because of the need of high torque. At times it would be difficult to break the nuts and bolts using a cordless gun because it would push it down even more. However, by using the rattle gun the nuts and bolts would be zipped off easily.

If you need a tool which is durable and which can provide continuous power round the clock then you will definitely be making the right choice by opting for a torque gun. Of course, in order to ensure that there is continuous supply of strong power you need to ensure that the source or the air compressor is of good quality. A 10-gallon air compressor would provide you with enough HP for the purpose of operating the torque gun at its optimum level.

Another reason which makes the air impact wrench a worthy purchase is the fact that it is even cheaper than the cordless wrench. Moreover, the air compressor which is required for running this tool can also be used for other tools like drills, sanders and nailers. In comparison to a battery-operated tool you are going to get a superior power-to-weight ratio in case of an air gun. Moreover, this tool eliminates the hassles of working with batteries which can get exhausted anytime, even in the middle of a project.

If you draw comparisons on the basis of weight then the air impact wrench would emerge a winner over the cordless wrench. In case of the latter, the batteries are quite heavy and they weigh the tool down. Moreover the power source located at the bottom of the cordless wrench makes it bulky and heavy. In case of an air gun, the power source is neatly tucked away at a corner of the workstation thus rendering the tool lighter and easier to handle.


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Ingersoll Rand 2145QiMax

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There are many air impact wrench models on the market today from a variety of manufacturers. Take a look at some of the most highest rated air impact wrench reviews to help find the best air impact wrench. Take your time choosing the model that you need. Once you know what model you will need, you can then shop around to find that model at the best price.

How An Impact Wrench Works?

With the use of an impact wrench, the job of a mechanic becomes a lot easier. It is useful for a variety of applications from engine rebuilding to something as basic as changing a tire. If you are doing a job that is time-consuming, it will become tiring for you to keep using a socket wrench throughout. To avoid this exhaustion and get the best results, impact wrenches are the best.

You will find that impact wrenches are available in a range of styles, sizes and shapes. There are some of the wrenches that draw power from air compressors and then there are others that are battery-powered. The latter category resembles a drill. If you wish to buy one, you will need to see what kind of project you are doing. Some of the most common projects for which people use impact wrenches include repairing automobiles, concrete drilling and removal of bolts and nuts from various machines. Consider your project requirements and then find the right wrench.

1. Applications of Impact wrenches

Drilling into hard surfaces is always a challenge. However, with the use of an impact wrench, it is easy to overcome this challenge. These wrenches use the impact motion as the main mechanism and can drive screws into wood or metal, all the while drilling simultaneously. No matter how hard the metal, you can rely on an impact wrench to drill into it. Auto mechanics have wide usage of impact wrenches for removing mufflers, tires and other parts that use bolts for attaching with the chassis or body of the vehicle. For repair shops, it makes sense to use impact wrenches because they use air compressors, which bring quickness and efficiency. Another common and useful application of impact wrenches involves driving bolts inside holes and removing bolts and nuts in no time. In auto manufacturing industry, there is a huge need for fastening objects together, which require strength, precision and efficiency. All these are aspects, which an impact wrench delivers greatly.

2. Using an Impact Wrench

Before you start using the impact wrench, make adjustments to the air compressor and regulate between ranges of 90 to 100 lbs. per sq. inch. This is the range at which most impact wrenches are most efficient. After adjusting, plug the compressor into a power source so that it is ready to run. After that plug the air hose into the compressor’s outlet. Every time you operate the wrench, make sure to oil it with 4-5 drops inside the air inlet. Plugging the hose to the air inlet is the next step. Before starting the use, pull the trigger so you can test if it is pointing in the right direction. You can test the torque and speed adjustment.

When using an impact wrench for removing bolts, it is important that you use sockets, which are torque-rated. To make sure you protect your eyes, cover them with safety glasses. To make sure you are operating the tool right, read the manual and detailed instructions about the project if you are using the wrench for the first time.

Which Air Impact Wrench Should You Purchase?

You have decided that an air impact wrench is just the tool you need to get the job done, but what impact wrench should I buy? How do I know I’m buying the right one for my needs? The following are some important factors to consider when choosing an air impact wrench:

1. Size of Your Air Compressor

What size air compressor you have is the most important thing to consider when purchasing your new air impact wrench simple because it is the wrenches power source. You want to make sure that your air compressor is capable of producing enough power to operate your impact wrench.

To determine if your air compressor is the right size for the impact wrench you wish to purchase, you need to know how much air your impact wrench needs to operate. This is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). You will need a minimum pressure of 90psi. You want to make sure your air compressor is cable of producing air faster than the wrench will use. If the air compressor can’t supply enough air faster than the wrench will consume, you will lose torque.

2. Size of the Drive

A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that bigger is better. This is not necessarily the case. Do you really need a 1″ wrench to loosen a 10mm bolt? Make note of the size of nuts and bolts that you frequently use. Look for impact sockets in that size and what size drives are available, so you can get the drive size that will work for the size sockets you’ll use.

3. How Much Power Do You Really Need?

It is a common mistake to under-estimate how much power you will really need. Remember that the max toque is always more than your actual working torque. Find out what the suggested torque rating is for the job you need the wrench for, then add in a buffer for the difference between the working torque and the max torque.

4. Design

A general rule is that the less parts the wrench has, the less vibration that is produced. Too much vibration can cause fatigue and make the tool uncomfortable to use for longer periods of time. You also want to consider the weight of the wrench. If you purchase one that is too heavy, it will cause fatigue, which will interfere with your productivity.

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