AIRCAT 1300-TH Review


  • Drive Size (in.): 3/8
  • Maximum torque (ft.-lb.): 400
  • Weight (lb.): 2.6
  • Warranty (year): 1


AIRCAT 1300-TH Review


AirCat 1300-TH 3/8-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench – Stand Out Performer

If there was an impact wrench that could knock down excessive noise while cranking out more torque and power, it would be the 1300-TH from AIRCAT. As with many other products of its maker, this one has got a fantastic design that contributes to greater power with minimal noise output at the same time. It does operate at a level that is way too below than what is known to be as OSHA standards. But, how does this tool pull it off?

The makers’ have got an excellent technology out in the form of exhaust muffler, which they secured a patent for. Whoa, what’s so special about this one except that it’s patented already? In the name of this technology, the makers have made sure that the discharged air is allowed to pass through without say any surge in back pressure at any point in time, thereby retaining greater power, at the same time, reducing noise very considerably.

It comes with a number of bright features

  • A protective cover comprising of multiple parts that is specifically designed to increase the longevity of the product
  • Handle carries an ergonomic design which considerably reduces fatigue (in operators)
  • Clears off debris easily thanks to the patented exhaust
  • Limits noise, and keeps it down to 86 decibels, all because of the patented technology that conforms to the OSHA standards
  • Simple flipping of lever is all one has to do, for changing between forward and reverse

Who is it for?

A balanced tool with reduced noise, the Impact Wrench is suitable for use by both newbies and the real automotive technicians.

Pros and Cons:

The impact wrench weighs just about 2.6 lbs, so you can pick this one up without any difficulty, and give it a whirl. Maybe you can crank up the torque to 400 Ft-lbs, for heavier applications, or keep the tool running at somewhere between 50 and 350 ft-lbs for other applications.

Through-the-handle exhaust design provides a couple of useful benefits that is reduction of hazards that arise due to exhausted air particles, as well as, elimination of unwarranted particles. As mentioned earlier, this impact wrench enables a user to get on with his job regardless of anything, so, no more worrying about using the tool for hours together. Yes, the ergonomically designed handle provides relief from fatigue on the arms, hands and wrists of the operator. In addition, the handle does offer enhanced work experience, distributing weight the right way. In any case, when you put this tool to use, you would feel like using a balanced tool with sensational grip that was specifically made to support extended usage over a period of time.

Talking about the maker, AIRCAT throws wide open a number of options of industrial applications including, pneumatic tools, air ratchets, impact wrenches, die grinders, reversible drills, and cut-off tools. Since its inception in 1998, this maker has been catering to a number of markets, providing a complete line of tools that incorporate multi-patented filter/muffler technology. Most of the tools in the product line are known for noise reduction more than anything else

Why you Should Buy it?

It comes packed with great amount of twisting force, which it unleashes quite gently.

Not many impact wrenches can deliver equivalent amount of power and torque, while substantially reducing noise, and keeping it to 86 decibels. This Air Impact Wrench is a stand-out tool indeed.

AIRCAT 1300-TH Reviews

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