Band Saw Blades Buying Considerations

Bandsaw blades are used for bandsaw power tools. This type of saw works in rotating motion where the blades cut the material.  Bandsaws work with wood, metal and other materials that require irregular or curved cuts.

The efficiency of bandsaw will depend on the type of blade that you use for it. Of course, the material to cut will have to determine the correct choice of blade for the job. However, it is also possible for you to use versatile blades for varying types of materials to cut.

Because it is important to consider the blade to use in your bandsaw, you have to learn what are the difference and the types of blades that you can use. In this article, we will discuss the different types of blades and the consideration when you need to buy blades.

>> 6 TPI Bandsaw Blade

>> 10 TPI Bandsaw Blade

>> 14 TPI Bandsaw Blade

>> 18 TPI Bandsaw-Blade

>> 24 TPI Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaw blades width

The first consideration when looking for blades is the width of the blade. You have to buy the blade that will work well with the material you will cut. In this case narrow blades of 1/8” will cut detailed designs and tight curves.  This type of blade works well for fretworks.


Wider blades on the other hand will work for straight cut on thick materials. Wide blades do not bend well and thus, it works only for straight cuts and because of its strength it can cut through thick stock with ease.

Teeth per inch identifier

Aside from the width of the blades, the teeth of the blade also need to be considered. Teeth per inch or TPI will have to consider the thickness of the material or the accuracy of the cut required. TPI 3 is usually the lowest TPI you can find.  This type of TPI only works on wood and maybe on cutting meat if you use your bandsaw for butchering.

Higher TPI cuts slower than lower TPI but they cut precise and well defined edges. Thus, for precise and smooth cutting requirements, higher TPI such as 18 to 24 is the preferred type of blade.

Thickness of bandsaw blades

Another consideration when choosing blades for your bandsaw is the thickness. It has to be precise for the material you are about to cut. While the blades for bandsaw are thicker in front than in the back, you will be able to cut straight in thick stock especially if you are able to draw the material in the precise level in your bandsaw. The varying thickness of the blade will also help in making sure that your blades cuts well without much risk of dulling the blades easily.

Where to buy blades for bandsaw

Armed with the knowledge of which type of blade to buy and considering the factors that affect the type of blade to purchase, you can go online. It may help you to know that buying stuff online usually allows for cheaper costing because they do not have many staff to pay and thus, online vendors can pass on their savings to their consumers.

In this case, you can buy your bandsaw blades cheaper if you go online to make your purchase.

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