Best 10 inch Table Saw Blades

Are you looking to buy a 10-inch carbide table saw blade?

Discover the 8 best 10-inch table saw blades available on the market now:

1. Freud 10 In. Super Stacked Dado (SD510)

Best 10 inch Table Saw Blade
The SD500 Series of dado sets cuts everything from veneered plywoods and laminates to solid wood, chip and splinter-free with a super smooth, flat bottom. The SD500 Series dado sets were the first to include a 3/32″ thick chipper and has the flexibility of an adjustable dado to handle today’s undersized plywood. This allows the cut width to be adjusted in 1/32″ increments and doubles the number of slot widths available.

Best 10 inch Table Saw Blades


2. Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II 10-Inch 40 Tooth ATB .125 Kerf Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor

Forrest WW10407125
Forrest WW10407125 offers a superior cut that leaves a rip-cut saw edge that is as smooth as if it had been sanded, and a cross-cut edge that is almost mark-free. The blade runs very quietly, and backside tearout in plywood is negligible. Each blade is virtually hand-made. The plate is hand-tensioned (up to 15 minutes per blade), superior C-4 carbide teeth are hand-brazed to the plate, and the blade is straightened and re-straightened multiple times throughout the process. Think of a Forrest blade as a tool in your shop, not an accessory. Forrest stands behind its’ blades by offering a sharpening service that bring blades back to the exact tolerances offered in a new blade. And this same exacting service is available for other manufacturer’s blades as well, so they should come back better than new.

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3. Freud 10 In. 40 Tooth Premier Fusion General Purpose Saw Blade with 5/8 In. Arbor (P410)

Freud P410
Equally suited to ripping and crosscutting, the versatile 10-inch Freud P410 delivers clean finishes in a wide variety of materials. Thanks to a rigid, laser-cut, anti-vibration body, Freud’s Perma-SHIELD coating, and a design that fuses Hi-ATB teeth with a unique, side-grind geometry, it smoothes surfaces as you cut them. Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade provides high quality ripping and crosscutting for any project. TiCo Hi-Density Carbide with triple chip tooth geometry produces smooth cuts. Laser cut Anti-vibration vents drastically reduces vibration extending blade life. Recommended for rips wood, crosscuts wood, plywood, and laminate. Non-stick Perma-SHIELD coating for protection against corrosion, gumming and pitch build-up.

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4. CMT 256.050.10 ITK Industrial Combination Saw Blade, 10-Inch x 50 Teeth 1FTG+4ATB Grindwith 5/8-Inch Bore

CMT 256.050.10 ITK Industrial Combination Saw Blade, 10-Inch x 50 Teeth 1FTG+4ATB Grindwith 5/8-Inch Bore
This blade features a thin kerf, which makes it ideal for saws that are a bit underpowered, but at the same time this tool delivers great performance. You will be satisfied with the excellent price/quality ratio. The laser cut heavy-duty blade plate is hardened to allow for great resistance (46-48 Rockwell in hardness) and features expansion slots to reduce noise and anti-vibration design. The teeth are made of micrograin carbide to ensure long-lasting cutting performance and deliver smooth cut on wood and wood products. These are brazed to the blade body through a special trimetallic bond (copper-silver-copper), so that longer cut performance and resistance are guaranteed. Blade is delivered in a unique CMT plastic case.

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5. DEWALT DW7150PT 10-Inch 50 Tooth ATB Combination Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor and Tough Coat Finish

Premium Micro-Grain carbide produces ultra-sharp cutting edges that dramatically reduce splintering. Precision Balanced, Laser-Cut Body provides extremely accurate cuts. Exclusive Dampening Slots reduce vibration to enhance cutting accuracy. Tough Coat Finish reduces heat, friction, and gum to promote blade life.



6. Hitachi 311128 24-Teeth Tungsten Carbide Tipped 10-Inch ATB 5/8-Inch Arbor Finish Ripping Table Saw Blade

Hitachi 311128
The Hitachi 311128 is ideal for trimming and ripping plywood, wood composites and natural wood with a clean finish cut. With tungsten carbide tipped teeth, this alternate top bevel blade withstands years of repeated use and outlasts traditional blades. Tungsten carbide gives saw blades (and some router bits) a sharper, longer lasting tip. With 24-teeth, a .098 kerf width, 5/8-inch arbor and the strength of tungsten carbide, this blade delivers smooth rapid cuts. It is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defect in materials and workmanship for a period of 30-days from the original purchase date.

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7. Oldham 10040TP All Purpose 10-Inch 40 Tooth ATB Combination Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor

Oldham 10040TP
10″ 40 teeth, combination carbide blade, designed for clean ripping and crosscutting in all types of wood, finished plywood and prefinished materials. Longer lasting than steel blades, they are designed for almost any project at an affordable price. Featuring C2 carbide tips, these blades can handle the task without adding to high cost.

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8. SKIL 75140 10-Inch 40 Tooth ATB General Purpose Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor

SKIL 75140
It offer longer life, durability, fast cuts and very high performance. Tungsten carbide teeth last up to 60X longer than steel blades. Expansion slots ensure blades run straight and true. Sharp cutting edges deliver fast, smooth cuts. Clear anti-stick coating resists heat, friction and binding.

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