Best 10 TPI Bandsaw Blades

Are you looking to buy a 10 tpi band saw blade?

Discover the best 10 tpi band saw blades available on the market now:

(note: tpi = teeth per inch)

1. Olson Saw APG80093BL 3/16 by 1/4 by 5/8″ Saw Blade All Pro PGT Band Assortment

Best 10 TPI Bandsaw Blade
All Pro PGT, precision ground tooth bandsaw blades for the professional user. Unique carbon-rich steel – optimum balance between strength and flexibility. Superior hardened and tempered material -stronger, faster cutting blade performance. Computer-controlled racer tooth setting- straighter, precise cuts with less waste.

Best 10 TPI Bandsaw Blades



2. Olson Saw APG70805 3/16 by 0.025 by 105-Inch All Pro PGT Band 10 TPI Regular Saw Blade

Olson Saw APG70805
Olson Saw APG70805 10 TPI offers the cleanest finish and the ability to cut thin stock. Regular tooth excellent chip carrying capacity in narrow bands.

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3. Carter Products 25009310 1/4-Inch-by-93-1/2-Inch AccuRight Bandsaw Blade

Carter Products 25009310
They are designed specifically to help you work faster, and with greater accuracy. AccuRight sets new standards for durability; smooth, straight cuts; and the ability to shape precise contours. They work well in a wide range of material; hardwoods, softwoods, and some plastics. They feature a milled tooth, hard-edge flex back design and are available in sizes to fit almost all bandsaws on the market today, from home craftsman to industrial models. Precision milled teeth for smooth cutting.

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4. Milwaukee 48-39-0501 44-7/8-Inch, 10 Teeth per Inch, Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades, 3-Pack

Milwaukee 48-39-0501
They outlast conventional blades up to 3 times, requiring fewer blade changes. An extremely hard and uniform tooth point is electron beam welded to a tough durable backing with high flex life for faster cutting and longer blade life. Recommended for cutting aluminum, angle iron, bronze, brass, copper, galvanized pipe, mild steel, and tougher steels including stainless, chrome, tungsten steel, plus other problem material at slow speed. Includes 3 blades.

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5. BANDSAW BLADE 92 1/2 X 3/16 X 10TPI

These blades are the standard general purpose blades used by most woodworkers. Features hard and durable teeth 62-63Rc with a soft flexible carbon back body that will curve around your saw wheels without breaking. Use these heavy duty hard edge blades to cut hard and soft woods, plastic, mild steel and non ferous metals.




6. Olson Saw FB10082DB 3/16 by 0.025 by 82-Inch HEFB Band 10 TPI Regular Saw Blade

Olson Saw FB10082DB
For hard or soft wood, plastic, mild steel and non-ferrous metal (for machines with speed reduction). For all vertical, stationary, floor standing 2-wheel bandsaws. These are heavy duty, durable, commercial grade bandsaw blades for industrial, woodworking, DIY and professional craftsmen.

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7. Olson Saw FB10080DB 3/16 by 0.025 by 80-Inch HEFB Band 10 TPI Regular Saw Blade

Olson Saw FB10080DB
3/16-inch wide x 80-inch long, 10 tpi, bandsaw blade, 0.025″ thick, fits all 12-inch sears craftsman except new 91-inch model, mild scroll cutting in wood. The product is manufactured in China. The product is easy to use and highly durable. For hard or soft wood, plastic, mild steel and non-ferrous metal.

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8. POWERTEC 13122X Band Saw Blade 82-Inch x 1/4-Inch x 10 TPI

They are made of premium material with performance that meets or exceeds OEM product. Constructed from one piece of carbon steel, with tooth hardness of Rc 64-66, the bandsaw blades stay sharp with a long life and consistent performance. The blades are built to wear evenly and deliver straight cuts at extreme band speeds.




9. POWERTEC Band Saw Blade – 63.5 ” x 3/8 ” x 10TPI

Use for 10″ bandsaw and other requiring 63.5″ blade. Industrial-quality bandsaw blades. High carbon steel
For long lasting sharpness retention. Cutting for hard/soft wood/plastic/non-ferrous metal.




10. POWERTEC 13134X Band Saw Blade 62-Inch x 3/8-Inch x 10 TPI

Fits Powertec 9-inch bandsaw BS900, Harbor Freight 96980, 60500, Craftsman 21419, Masterforce 2403731. Made of high carbon steel. Reliable cutting action with guaranteed welds.





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