Best 14 inch Circular Saw Blades

Are you looking to buy a 14-inch circular saw blade?

Discover the 11 best 14-inch circular saw blades available on the market now:

1. CMT 226.090.14 Industrial Dry Cut Steel Saw Blade, 14-Inch x 90 Teeth 8° FWF Grind with 1-Inch Bore

Best 14 inch Circular Saw Blade
For fast cutting through iron, steel pipe, metal rods and sheet metal. Suggested RPM: 2100~4200. For low RPM metal chop saws, such as Jepson. Cut iron, steel pipes, metal rods, sheet metals. 0.087 kerf thickness, 0.071 plate thickness, 0° hook angle, 8° flat teeth & alternate chamfer grind. Chrome carbide cutting edges guarantee long cutting on iron, steel pipes, metal rods, sheet metal. Anti-vibration design, expansion slots to reduce noise, tight tolerance, longer lifetime.

Best 14 inch Circular Saw Blades



2. LENOX Tools Metal-Cutting Circular Saw Blade, Thin-Steel Cutting, 14-inch, 90-Tooth (21893TS140090CT)

LENOX 21893TS140090CT
The Lenox Tools 21893TS140090CT is a faster way to cut metal. The Blade is titanium carbide tipped which resists material build up. The Blade also provides less burring than abrasive blades, which eliminates the need for secondary grinding and reduces material burning.

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3. Freud LU95R014 14-Inch Diameter by 96T TCG Solid Surface Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor and 0.138 Kerf

Freud LU95R014
This blade features teeth with a specially designed triple chip grind for leaving swirl-free cuts in solid surface materials such as dupont, corian, wilsonart gibralter and ssv fountainhead. Laser-cut anti-vibration slots reduce the sideways movement of the cutting edge against the solid surface material, dramatically extending cutting life. This ultimate solid surface blade, there is no need for stabilizers. Application: heavy-duty solid surfacefor swirl and burn free cuts.

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4. DEWALT DWA7747 66 Teeth Heavy Gauge Ferrous Metal Cutting 1-Inch Arbor, 14-Inch

Outfit your DW872 multi-cutter saw for tough metal work applications with this heavy-gauge DeWalt DW7747 14” Ferrous Saw Blade featuring a 1” arbor. This 70-tooth blade is capable of making an average of 1,200 cuts in most materials rotating at 1800 rpm, and it is designed to let you resharpen the teeth for improved cutting and a longer life. It is crafted with 12-percent titanium carbide and features expansion slots that dissipate heat. Plus it offers a tri-foil braze that increases the strength of each tooth’s tip for exceptional durability, while a modified triple chip tooth grind helps ensure clean, burr-free cuts for beautiful finished projects.




5. MK Morse CSM1466NSC Metal Devil NXT Circular Saw Blade 14-Inch Diameter, 66 Teeth, 1-Inch Arbor, for Steel Cutting

MK Morse CSM1466NSC
They have optimized design for cutting of carbon steels, resulting in long life and premium cutting performance. Minimal heat transferred to the inner plate, fresh cuts are cool to the touch. Eliminates virtually all hot sparks, abrasive dust, grit, scorched surfaces and burns that require additional finishing.

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6. Freud LU97R014 14-Inch 108 Tooth TCG Laminate and Melamine Cutting Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating

Freud LU97R014
Designed to give long life and excellent finish on the top and bottom of laminates,melamines and veneered plywoods for material thickness 1/4-inch to 1-5/8-inch. The triple chip grind tooth with a negative hook dramatically extends the cutting life of the blade.

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7. Freud P414 Premier Fusion Saw Blade 14 inch by 54t Hi-ATB 30-degree 1 inch arbor Perma-Shield Coated

Freud P414
Equally suited to ripping and crosscutting, the versatile 14-inch Freud P414 delivers clean finishes in a wide variety of materials. Thanks to a rigid, laser-cut, anti-vibration body, Freud’s Perma-SHIELD coating, and a design that fuses Hi-ATB teeth with a unique, side-grind geometry, it smoothes surfaces as you cut them.

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8. Freud LU74R014 14-Inch 108 Tooth ATB Thin Kerf Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating

Freud LU74R014
For cutting hardwood,softwood and mouldings. 1 inch arbor coated blade. Great for use on underpowered saws. Laser cut bodies for accurate cuts. Freud micrograin carbide for long life. Anti-vibration vents for stability. Perma-shield coating to resist heat. Thin kerf design to increase machine performance.

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9. Oshlun SBF-140120 14-Inch 120 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor for Mild Steel and Ferrous Metals

Oshlun SBF-140120
The ferrous metal blades have been designed with a durable carbide grade and triple chip tooth grind which ensures an extended cutting life of all types of ferrous metals (mild steel) such as steel studs, angle iron, pipe, rebar, channel, flat stock and more. They can also be used for cutting non ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass. The specially formulated C-6 micro grain carbide with titanium lasts longer and leaves a burr free cut with little to no sparks or dust, which are common when using abrasives. They can cut 5 to 10 times faster and last up to 30 times longer than abrasives, allowing fewer blade changes and increased production. The higher tooth count blades are better suited for thinner materials, while the lower tooth count blades are better for thicker materials.

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10. Freud LM72M014 14-Inch 30 Tooth FTG Ripping Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

Freud LM72M014
Designed for serious woodworkers, the 14-inch Freud LM72M014 delivers smooth, fast cuts through hard- and softwood. Thanks to a rigid blade body, 30 oversized flat-top teeth with TiCo high-density carbide tips, and the reduced resin buildup ensured by Freud’s Silver I.C.E. coating, this is one dependable, long-lasting blade. Plus, its well-balanced, anti-vibration design means there’s no need to use stabilizers with it.

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11. IRWIN Tools Metal-Cutting Circular Saw Blade, 14-inch, 80T (4935559)

IRWIN 4935559
The Irwin Industrial Tools 4935559 is designed for all of your metal cutting needs. The durable metal cutting carbide tips are designed for a smooth and fast cut. These blades are designed to reduce wear, withstand impacts and provide longer life. The blade is stabilized for smooth and accurate cuts and it’s anti kickback design reduces dust and sparks for a safer cut. This blade is ideal for the professional who is looking for a blade to provide them with their metal cutting needs.

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