Best 14 inch Diamond Blades

Are you looking to buy a 14-inch diamond saw blade?

Discover the 13 best 14-inch diamond saw blades available on the market now.

1. MK Diamond 156727 MK303 Wet Cutting Lapidary Diamond Blade, 14-Inch

Best 14 inch Diamond Saw Blade
MK Diamond MK303 14 inch diameter by 0.070 inch width by 1 inch arbor wet cutting lapidary diamond blade is specifically designed for cutting rare and valuable materials. The very thin width of the continuous rim blade is designed to hold waste to a minimum and the speed of cut is essential for protecting the valuable material from damage. The professional series diamond blades last longer and cut faster than ordinary notched rim or plated diamond blades. MK Diamond has a worldwide reputation for superior cutting speed, maximum performance and exceptional blade life.

Best 14 inch Diamond Saw Blades



2. DEWALT DW8500 14-Inch by 1-Inch Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade

DEWALT’S DW8500 diamond edge chop saw blade utilizes advanced brazing technology and a premium diamond grit, both of which greatly improve the lifespan of the blade and make it ideal for cutting a wide range of materials. Combined with its steel-blade core, the diamond edge allows users to make cuts without sacrificing performance. 100 times the lifespan of a standard chop saw wheel. Steel-blade core provides constant cutting depth, capacity, and stability of solid core. 14-inch diameter, 3/32-inch thickness, 1-inch arbor, and 4,300 max RPM.




3. MK Diamond 166070 MK-301 Gemking 14-Inch Lapidary Wet Cutting Diamond Blade

MK Diamond 166070
Has been redesigned with a greater diamond concentration and a higher carbon content steel core for improved tension memory. The solid diamond sintered kerf provides better cutting performance and improved coolant flow. It provides superior cutting performance for hard materials such as agate, petrified wood or jade.

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4. Makita A-94736 14-Inch Segmented Rim Diamond Masonry Blade

Makita A-94736
Segmented Rim Slots help deliver a faster and cooler cut in multiple applications. Great for cured concrete, block, and brick. Arbor: 20mm and 1″. Optimum bond matrix provides a faster, longer, smoother cut.

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5. MK Diamond 160682 MK-99 14-Inch Dry or Wet Cutting Segmented Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor for Concrete and Brick

MK Diamond 160682
MK-99XL are dry cutting general purpose blades. This blade is for use with concrete and masonry materials. Other features of this blade include: 14 inches diameter, 0.125 inch width, 1 inch arbor, and 12mm segment height.

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6. USA Made 14 Inch Diamond Concrete/Masonry Blade

USA Made 14 Inch Diamond Concrete/Masonry Blade
General purpose blade for cutting cured concrete, pavers, masonry, brick, and other hard materials. Made in the USA!

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7. Evolution Power Tools 14BLADEDM 14-Inch Diamond Masonry Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

Evolution Power Tools 14BLADEDM
Cuts stone, brick, concrete and paving slabs. 14 inches diameter. 1-inch arbor. Max RPM 4400.

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8. Concord Blades STM140C10HP 14 Inch Granite & Marble Segmented Turbo Teeth Diamond Blade

Concord Blades STM140C10HP
This supreme quality super drop turbo blade has specially designed deep segments for extremely fast cutting and undercut protection for use with abrasive materials. Special vented core keeps the blade running cooler and also helps remove slurry for friction free cutting. The 4″ to 6″ blades can attach to a flush mount adapter. The 14 inches with 50/60mm arbor for use on a bridge saw is available. It will cut granite, marble, stone, pavers, as well as concrete, brick, block, stone, tile and masonry materials using either an angle grinder, wet stone saw, circular saw, masonry saw or a bridge saw with 50/60mm spindle. It can be used dry or wet.

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9. Whirlwind USA TSS 14-Inch Laser Welded Dry or Wet Cutting General Purpose Standard Power Saw Segmented Diamond Blades for Cutting Concrete and Masonry

Whirlwind USA TSS 14-Inch
The standard line of laser welded blades offer true value and economy for the price conscious user. Designed for cutting concrete, masonry, brick/block and other building materials. These general blades can be used wet or dry. Segment height 0.590 inch (15mm). Arbor 1″. Size is 14 inch x 0.125 inch x 0.590 inch /15mm. Includes 20mm heavy duty bushing.

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10. Bosch DB1441S 14-Inch Segmented Rim Diamond Blade

Bosch DB1441S
Quality industrial grade diamonds and easy-to-use color coding system. Applications include cutting in pavers, soft brick, concrete/block. For use in high-speed saw. 1 inch, 20mm arbor. Designed to cut fast in pavers, soft brick, concrete/block. Tensioned steel core for stability. Consistent diamond content and even distribution.

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11. Husqvarna Construction Products 542774463 14 Inch by .118 by 1 Drive Pinhole 20mm B VH5 High Speed Diamond Blade

Husqvarna Construction Products 542774463
Husqvarna 542774463 is for general purpose, cured concrete, and brick. Value diamond blade for dry or wet cutting. Diffusion bonded. Total segment height of 0.450 inch. Let the power of diamonds do the work for you with the Husqvarna VH5 high speed diamond blade. It is a general purpose blade for cutting cured concrete, and brick. It is made for dry or wet cutting, is diffusion bonded and is a quality grade level product.

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12. Whirlwind USA LSS 14-Inch Dry or Wet Cutting General Purpose Power Saw Segmented Diamond Blades for Concrete Stone Brick Masonry

Whirlwind USA LSS 14-Inch
Whirlwind has a very extensive standard selection of economically priced segmented blades for general contractor usage. The LSS series is designed to provide fast, smooth cutting in a variety of materials, including brick/block, paves, concrete and stone. Can be used wet or dry.

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13. Concord Blades SSB140C15CP 14 Inch 15mm Segment General Purpose Premium Segmented Diamond Blade

Concord Blades SSB140C15CP
This general purpose segmented blade is for fast cutting at a low initial cost on a wide variety of materials. A heat treated steel core provides extreme blade strength for a deep cut. The 12 inches and 14 inches blades have been treated with laser welds on both sides of the segments to add strength for better cutting speed and longer blade life. Ideal for cutting concrete, brick, light weight block, pavers, field stone, and masonry materials either wet of dry. Can be used on high speed angle grinders, circular saws, masonry saws and gas cut-off saws. For light or medium duty cutters.

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