Best 18 TPI Reciprocating Saw Blades

Are you looking to buy a 18 tpi reciprocating saw blade?

Discover the 11 best 18 tpi reciprocating saw blades available on the market now:

(note: tpi = teeth per inch)

1. DEWALT DW4821B 8-Inch 18 TPI Straight Back Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade (100-Pack)

Best 18 TPI Reciprocating Saw Blade
DEWALT DW482B1 are designed for cutting light to heavy gauge metal (such as threaded rod, unistrut, angle iron, pipe, conduit and more). The patented tooth design utilizes sharper tooth geometry for faster cut rates. An aggressive shank angle increases tooth contact, maintaining cutting speed as blade wears for longer blade life. This blade also features a specially formulated anti-stick coating minimizes friction and gum-up for smoother cuts. These are sold as a bulk pack of 100.

Best 18 TPI Reciprocating Saw Blades



2. LENOX Tools 21239B12118GR Gold Power Arc Reciprocating Saw Blade, For Medium Metal Cutting, 12-inch, 18 TPI, 25-Pack

LENOX Tools 21239B12118GR
LENOX Gold B12118G has specially formulated Titanium edge which improves the wear resistance of the teeth for faster cuts through the blade’s life. The bi-metal technology flexes, resists breaking and also extends the life of the blade. The reinforced tooth design and Titanium coating combine to create the longest lasting blade, ever.

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3. IRWIN Tools Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade, 8-Inch, 18 TPI, 50-Pack (372818BB)

IRWIN 372818BB
It can cut virtually all metals, including nonferrous pipe conduit, stainless-steel and sheet metals and works well on materials from 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch thick. The bi-metal construction allows for faster cutting and added durability. Precision-set teeth give faster, smoother cuts, while the WeldTec tooth design makes the reciprocating-saw-blade stronger and longer lasting.

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4. M.K. Morse RB618T50 6-by-3/4-by-0.035-Inch 18 TPI Bi-metal Reciprocating Saw Blade, 50-Pack

M.K. Morse RB618T50
8% Cobalt edge offers more wear resistance. Matrix II cutting edge has shock resistant teeth that resist strippage. Available in a variety of blade thicknesses to meet flexibility and rigidity needs for different aplications. Electron beam welded the Matrix II cutting edge to control the process and guarantee quality.

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5. Milwaukee 48016184 6-Inch 18-TPI Super Sawzall Blades, 50-Pack

Milwaukee 48016184
Super Sawzall blades are made with Matrix II high-speed steel teeth containing 8% cobalt to keep a sharper tooth edge longer. The tough bi-metal design allows faster-cutting, longer-life blades that can bend without shattering. Milwaukee designs and manufactures Sawzall blades for the toughest professional applications. Materials, tooth configuration, and heat treating are designed to maximize performance in specific cutting applications. Durable, long-life blades are the goal of every blade we make. This blade has a 1/2-inch universal tang that fits all Sawzalls and standard competitive saws. The pack includes 50 individual blades.

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6. Milwaukee 48-00-5788 9-Inch, 18 Teeth per Inch, Super Sawzall Blades, 5-Pack

Milwaukee 48-00-5788
It is designed for the toughest Fire and Rescue work, demolition, plumbing, remodeling, or general metal cutting applications. They will cut pipe, conduit, angle iron, steel, and other hard materials. They are 1-inch tall for straight, fast cutting, and 0.042 inch thick for longer life with the ability to flex in tight cutting situations. Milwaukee Sawzall blades have a unique heat treating process that extends the life of the blades. They are designed to resist breaking, further extending blade life. The 18 Teeth per inch blade should be used on material 1/8-inch through 3/16-inch thick. Includes five individual blades.

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7. LENOX Tools LAZER Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade, Bi-Metal, 12-inch, 18 TPI, 2/PK

Cut through structural steels and all metals 1/16 to 1/4 inch. Power Blast Technology strengthens the blade to reduce breaks, while bi-metal construction allows it to stand up to the most demanding applications. This reciprocating-saw-blade is taller than traditional blades for straighter cuts. Additionally, T2 Technology optimized tooth geometry produces a much faster cut and prolonged blade life, so you can spend more time cutting and less money on blade replacements.




8. DEWALT DWA4188 8-Inch 14/18TPI 2X Max Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade (5-Pack)

DEWALT premium metal cutting blades have a proprietary coating and preparation process that provides 2X longer life compared to standard DEWALT blades and metal cutting competitive blades. The variable pitch 14/18 TPI unique back angle geometry provides the most efficient cutting performance even in hardened materials. Each blade has a 1-inch tall blade body and .042-inch blade thickness making them wider and thicker blades for added durability and to prevent bending and breakage. These blades are idea for cutting rebar, angle iron, black pipe, conduit, cold rolled steel and other metals.




9. Bosch RSM418 4-Inch 18T Metal Cutting reciprocating Saw Blades – 5 Pack

Bosch RSM418
A recip blade needs to cut faster and last longer. Bosch delivers precision-ground teeth and thick blades for high performance in wood and metal cutting. The lineup includes blades designed specifically for durability in demolition, heavy use and specialty applications like fiber cement. Exclusive 2×2 tooth geometry makes these blades cut 20% faster. Added height and thickness deliver 20% longer life than any blade in their class, with less vibration. Bosch is the worldwide leading manufacturer of linear edge, topping the market through engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities and world renowned quality. Continuing on the path of innovation and engineering excellence, Bosch has developed a new line of recip blades. By incorporating key design features, materials and patented tooth technologies, Bosch optimizes blade cutting efficiency for the fastest cutting and longest lasting blades available.

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10. Bosch RM618 6-Inch 18T Metal Cutting reciprocating Saw Blades – 5 Pack

Bosch RM618
Metal blades are color-coded light blue for easy identification. 3° tilt angle for faster cuts, longer life and overall improved performance. 3/4-inch blade height and flexible thin blade body is more resistant to breaking and shattering. Pair-setting tooth geometry optimized for fast cuts and long life in metal. Bi-metal composition for longer life.

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11. Freud DS1214BF Diablo Bi-Metal Demon 12-Inch 14/18-TPI Reciprocating Saw Blade

Freud DS1214BF
The new Diablo Steel Demon Bi-Metal reciprocating blades with liquid metal technology delivers four times the performance of standard blades. Ideal cutting thickness 3/32 to 5/16-Inch. Blade features Diablo’s liquid metal technology which thru a sintering process liquefies and forms the edge under high temperatures for unmatched durability. The Perma-Shield non-stick coating allows for less heat, gumming and corrosion make these blades out perform standard blades four times. This all adds up to more cuts for your buck.

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