Best Cheap Band Saw At a Fixed Budget

It may not be difficult to search for an ideal but cheap band saw for yourself, since there are a large number of band saw models available, each offering a number of different services and features.

Most of the band saws are rated at $500 or above, especially the ones that are intended for commercial use, but there are many that are available at or below the price range of $200. Even if you have a fixed budget and your pocket does not allow you to get a better one at a higher rate; don’t fret. For there are a wide number of options still available for you.

Cheap Band Saw At a Fixed Budget

Analyze Your Working Conditions!

The foremost task for you right now after you have analyzed your budget is to analyze and examine your working conditions. Since you have a tight budget, you must first make a checklist for yourself to exactly know how often and why you will be using this band saw. Here are a few pointers for you to consider:

  • Check if it’s individual use only or a team or two or four who will be operating the bandsaw.
  • Examine what kind of material you want to cut with the bandsaw, as some bandsaws may not be able to cut metallic rods. If you are a woodworker, then you can go for a cheap one that is suited to cut only wooden planks. Also check for the width and thickness of the planks to be cut since most bandsaws have limited capacity.
  • Check out the size of your workplace and whether you want a portable cordless model or a regular benchtop one.
  • Also consider other features that you would like your bandsaw to have, like a dust port to enable dust from the work space, adjustable guide posts and table area to lower or raise the height of the entire machine, easy blade changing mechanism and so on.
  • After making the list of features you need, select the higher priority features that you really really want. The reason is that on a tight budget, you may have to compromise on the number of features. So go for the bandsaw that is offering most of the features form your high priority list!


A band saw is a power tool that is supposed to work and function as smoothly as ever and because of not being able to pay more does not mean that in any way you will not get a band saw that will not be capable of providing you with an accurate cut. These are a few factors that you must really consider before your selection:

  • DURABILTY AND TOUGHNESS: This is something you must never compromise on. You are going to cut heavy wooden planks and metallic sheets with it and that creates vast amounts of tension between the teeth of the blade and the table. Friction is produced and only a strong and durable bandsaw can be capable of withstanding all this pressure. Do make sure that you check the strength of the material so that it stands still and does not shake or wobble during operation. It is preferred that the entire body structure and frame be built of cast iron for that is tough and strong.
  • SHARP BLADE: The basic thing you want to do is use the blade to cut your material with, right? So ensure that the blade is sharp and comes with an easy blade changing system. This leads to low maintenance and your time is not wasted.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: This is one feature that is quite useful and necessary. Sometimes, to better position the workspace, there is a need to adjust the table and the guide posts to bring it to a comfortable level of height. Make sure that you go for this as sometimes the thickness of the material to be cut may also be different and you may need to lower the table to bring it in proportion to your working place level.
  • WARRANTY AND CLAIMS: You may obviously prefer a bandsaw that comes with a guarantee from its manufacturer. Do check out various models and determine the best deals available at the best prices and if any guarantee/warranty of parts is available. Some companies may offer replacement of parts too.


The major band saws under $200 that people are buying these days include:

1. POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, 9-Inch: With a plastic body, this saw is still quite strong and tough. It is an ideal machine for performing quick and small jobs and offers most features contained ideally in any such machine.

2. Skil 3386-01-RT 9 in. Band Saw with Light: With a strong and durable finish, this particular band saw as the title suggests is an old item that has been refurbished and repaired and made totally new. The plus point is that it is from one of the best companies and is a well known reliable model that has been successfully used by workmen in the past.

3. DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw: An ultimate solution to all your wood cutting tasks at a budget, this saw even offers complete portability. A highly in demand product and coming from a reliable manufacturer, this corless saw is quite reasonable and has almost all the features of an ideal band saw; its worth the price you are paying!


Chances are that you are a beginner at work and you do not have much long run profits and that is why you do not feel secure to invest in a bandsaw right now. If you are still considering your decision and other options are available to you, then proceed to read more articles present here that will further guide you in your choice.

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