Best HSS Circular Saw Blades

High speed steel or HSS circular saw blades are widely demanded in a variety of industries & primarily useful for cutting tubes, pipes, sections and solid steel based materials. They’re also used to cut non-ferrous materials. With advantageous asset of high cutting resistance with minimum friction, this saw blade can tolerate temperature throughout the cutting of hard stainless steel. These saw blades have unique quality to cut back the bending or any type of spinning in the sewing machine.

Discover the 7 best HSS circular saw blades available on the market now:

1. Fein 6-35-02-145-01-8 3-1/8-Inch Flush cut HSS Blade for SuperCut

Best Steel Circular Saw Blade
Fein 3-1/8-inch flush cut hss blade for supercut only.

Best Steel Circular Saw Blades



2. Fein 6-35-02-154-01-0 High Speed Steel Saw Blade

Fein 6-35-02-154-01-0
Fein 6-35-02-154-01-0 for wood, this is similar to a mini circular saw and is ideal for long straight cuts and for cutting parquet, laminate and particle. One of the newest inventions for the Fein multimaster.

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3. Fein 6-35-02-096-05-0 Saw Blade FMM 250 – 2 1/2

Fein 6-35-02-096-05-0
Fein 2-1/2-inch circular saw blade for cutting plastics, fiberglass, wood putty, non-ferrous metals and sheet metal up to 19 gauge, this is a five pack. The steel material is more rigid, allowing the blade to cut through sheet metal up to 1.0 mm thick. The full, round nature of the blade provides longer life because of its blade rotation ability.

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4. Rockwell RW9119.3 Sonicrafter 3-1/8-Inch HSS Circle Blade, 3-Piece

Rockwell RW9119.3
Rockwell 3-1/8-inch HSS circle blade, 1 piece, sonicrafter. Positec circle saw blade RW9119.3 networking hand tools.

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5. Proxxon 28020 2-Inch HSS Saw Blade for KS 115

Proxxon 28020
For use with Proxxon KS115 number 37006 bench circular saw. It is ideal for fine precision cuts in nonferrous metals (aluminum, brass, copper) wood and plastic.

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6. Rockwell RW9229 VersaCut 3-3/8-inch 44T HSS Circular Saw Blade

Rockwell RW9229
It is 44 tooth and suitable for cutting aluminum, wood, plastic, and drywall.

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7. SE SS45HS 5-Piece High-Speed Steel Saw Blades Set with 2 Mandrels

They are great to use on wood, plastic, and other soft materials. Arbor diameter 1/4-inch; thickness 0.8mm; 2 mandrels with 1/8-inch shank; diameters of saw blades varying between 1-2inch.





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