Black and Decker LCS120 Review

The best cordless electric chainsaw in the virtual or in the actual market is Black and Decker Electric Chainsaw. What the best possible features you can expect from an electric chainsaw? The machine is designed to travel with you, wherever you wish, whenever you wish! If you are thinking of shaping your garden plants that needs some shaping of pruning, Black and Decker is the best garden expert for you. It saws for hours relentlessly; cuts more than hundreds of small branches as fast as a blade. See, how comfortable it is and how light weight an electric chainsaw can be! Not another thing is comparable to beauty, neither its beauty nor its performance. It’s a unique ever product by any chainsaw industry. Its high voltage lithium-ion battery hides in itself the power to chop any thin logs or branches into pieces. The machine is specially designed for annihilating the unnecessary bushes/plants around your home or garden.



  • 8 inch bar, chain, low kickback
  • 20 volt battery, MAX lithium-ion
  • Longer life span, rechargeable
  • 150 cuts in full charge (1-1/2 inch diameter)
  • Light weight as anything, only 5.1 pounds
  • 2 years of warranty (limited) include battery, Allen Wrench and charger
  • Soft + hard handle for strong grip
  • Made in China
  • Available outside U.S. (in selected countries)

It is the best cordless electric chainsaw ever made that you can carry with you along with many other things. It’s small in size and the lightest in weight in the world of battery powered chainsaw. Its chain and bar is only 8 inch long. Covering it with a beautiful cover you can just put in your travel bag. Thus you can travel wherever you like and whenever you wish. You can travel in any wood or jungle or any forest. With the help of such an excellent chainsaw you can storm through any wood you like. Have some adventure in the woods or forest you like. Black and Decker will clear your ways of walk. This is so light that you can swing it like a magic knife, or power sword. Obstructing branches will fall down under your majesty’s feet.

Battery Life

The powerful battery has a powerful life that contributes to the power of your sawing life. It’s an extra powered working assistant. The life of Black and Decker Electric Chainsaw lies in its battery. And the life of the battery lies in your hand, the user’s hand. It’s rechargeable; you can recharge it around one hundred times. Please don’t over charge it, don’t use it when the battery is low. It will consume the life of the battery. Then your sawing assistant will require a new one, which you can purchase anytime from almost everywhere. It’s not that costly, but will revive your garden expert delightfully. Besides, the battery can easily be attached and detached from the little garden master, and can easily be recharged.

An Excellent Saw for Anyone Who Loves Gardening

It is more than a saw for anyone who loves gardening. You can just greatly surprise any of your garden lover friends. This is certain that such a choice of saw wouldn’t come to many man’s mind. The machine is just so cute to look at and so excellent to work with! Besides, anyone who loves to travel through woods and forests will also love such a cutie cutter of branches. All that you need is to get the cutie chainsaw, and then everything will be fine.

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