Bosch 1594K Review

A planer is a very important tool required in doing certain jobs related to wood. There are several brands of plane available in the market and one of them is the Bosch 1594K Planer.

The Bosch 1594K provides a 6.5 amp motor in 16,500 rpm to give rapid stock removal together with the smoothest and perfect finish. It comes with a handy 2-blade system that is equipped with Woodrazor micrograin blades from Bosch that will last around 30% longer compared to ordinary carbide blades or resist fractures coming from the nail and clip strikes. It also gives a protecting shield that will cover the area of blade which is not in use.

Bosch 1594K review

Bosch 1594K 6.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit

The Planer also has a ratcheting strength knob that permits fool-proof setting of deepness increments ranges from 0 up to 3/32 or 2.6mm inside a revolution. Thus, you do not have to re-zero the strength. Also, this planer comes with a capability to create deep cuts within a certain pass.

A chip ejection knob setting lets the user direct the shaving whether left or right then it actually detaches the stock compared to other drain systems. Bosch 1594K is equipped with spring-loaded square rest stand that will serve as the protection for the blade together with the workpiece. This product has a special shape that allows easy start-up on the center of the workpiece. As safety is a very important consideration, accidental start ups are prevented because of the ambidextrous lock-off discharge switch. An additional feature that bosch 1594k has is that it you can convert it so that you can use it together with the huge high-speed blades although it may require some accessories.

Features and Specifications

  • Chip ejection knob
  • 3 ¼ inches planer kit that has 2-blade system
  • Ratcheting strength knob
  • 6.2 amp motor
  • Adjustable bevel fence
  • Spring-loaded square rest stand
  • Sturdy micrograin carbide cutting blades
  • Comes with planer, bevel direct fence, case including a chip bag
  • Shoe with a length of 11 1/8 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Guarantee: 1 year


Bosch 1594K provides quick stock removal and it also comes with a very smooth finish. A sturdy 6.5 amp motor operates the versatile 2-blade Woodrazor system in 16,500 rpm with its protective shield that will serve as the covering for the blade which is not in use. The fence deserves to be praised as the bevels are précised and convenient to adjust.

One good thing that this planer can do is that it can perform deep cuts in just a single pass with no bogging and chatter. Accidental start ups are rare to happen because of its lock-off release knob. Other customers added that the motor of Bosch planer is a very strong kind. The depth control is amazing and there is no tendency to swamp at all.


There are some drawbacks given for Bosch 1594K to gather square edges using this planer. This has a connection with the front shoe. The frontage shoe was connected with a revolving knob and it moves up to down in setting the depth of cut. Due to that action, the shoe fails to align with the cutting blade. Furthermore, this could also be pushed and lose alignment with even a little force only. The rear portion of the shoe is permanent and is perfectly aligned with a single blade. These reported alignment problems are just so easy to resolve and they are not considered as a big problem.


The Bosch 1594K Planer has a 6.2 motor which can remove the stock easily while providing a smooth and perfect finish. It has a durable and convenient 2-blade system and Woodrazor micrograin blades made by Bosch which can last for around 30% than other carbide blades. The blade which is not in use will be covered by the protective shield to make it free from damage. With the amazing features packed in this tool, users of it have concluded that it is a good addition to your tool collection.

Bosch 1594K 6.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit review

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  • 3-1/4-inch planer kit with 2-blade system, chip ejection switch, and ratcheting depth knob
  • 6-1/2 amp motor delivers 16,500 rpm; easy-to-adjust bevel fence; spring-loaded park rest stand
  • Durable micrograin carbide blades
  • Includes planer, bevel guide fence, blade wrench, chip bag, and case
  • 11-1/8-inch shoe length; 6 pounds
  • Length 11.125″
  • No Load RPM 16,500
  • Planing Depth 0″ to 3/32″ (2.6mm)
  • Planing Width 0″ to 3-1/4″
  • Rabbet Depth 5/16″
  • Rabbet Width 3-1/4″
  • Rating 120V AC
  • Tool Level 4 – Corded – single speed basic
  • Voltage 120V
  • Weight 6.01lb
  • Width 6.5″
  • (2) Woodrazor™ Blades
  • Chip Bag
  • Bevel Guide Fence
  • Blade Wrench
  • Carrying Case
  • 1-year warranty

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