Circular Saw Blades Buying Considerations

Buying circular saw blades for your miter saw, radial arm or table saw will have to consider a few factors that will affect the cutting ability of the saw and its blade.

Correct choice of saw blades helps you to properly use your saw for your cutting projects. Because it is important to purchase the correct saw blade for you to use, we will list a few of the considerations in buying blades below.

Once you know how to choose the correct saw blades, you will be able to purchase it properly and will therefore be able to use your saw effectively.

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Dimensions for circular saw blades

Circular type saw blades are available in different dimensions for different cutting requirements. The dimensions may vary from 3-3/8” to 12”.

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Thinner cutting projects require smaller saw blade dimensions while cutting thicker stock will require wider saw blades.

Kerf for circular saw blades

Aside from the dimensions, the kerf is also another thing to consider when choosing the blade for your table saw. Thin kerf blades cut faster and they are usually sharper. However, because the kerf is thin, it dulls easily and thus it will need occasional changing. However, if you will need to cut thinner stock often, then the smaller saw blades with thin kerf may be enough.


Thick kerf on the other hand can withstand cutting wood with nails. It is harder and will not wobble easily. It also serves longer and for varying sizes of cutting stock.

Teeth of the saw blades

Aside from the size of the saw blades, the type of teeth is another consideration. You can choose from fine tooth finish blade, crosscut blade, ripping blade and metal cutting blade. They all have different functionalities and thus, depending on the type of stock and the thickness of the stock to cut will help you to purchase the correct saw blade.

High quality cuts

Finally, the type of finish that you require may also need consideration when buying saw blades. You can find laser cut features among the saw blades. Laser cut features offer high quality cuts but the coating of the blade may also help in delivering a fine finish.

After considering the factors that will help you buy the correct saw blade for your cutting need, the last thing to consider is where you will buy your saw blades.

The reason why you can buy tools cheaper online is because operating online requires low maintenance and also requires lower inventory. In this case, online stores can offer their products cheaper as compared to your local tools shop.

Thus, if you want to buy saw blades, armed with the correct features of the blade, you can go online and shop around. Try to find the best deal such as cheaper price and lower shipping cost. Once you find the vendor that offers what you need and at a cheaper price, you can now buy your circular saw blades for your cutting project.


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