CNC Router Bits

CNC Router BitsCNC router bits are known to supply high rated and clear cut slashing edge for the CNC machines time and again. The CNC router bit body has been aimed and planned in place to work out and get fast and accurate results. This process is safe and sound, which is achieved by the use of fastening screws for optimum protection while the tool making is in progress. CNC router bits can live for a longer duration of time and be re-honed innumerable times, having no affects on the innovative profile of the bits.

There are several CNC router bits specifically designed for a particular use, some of the CNC router bits are:

  • 2 flute up spiral solid carbide
  • 3 flute up spiral solid carbide
  • Up spiral chip breaker
  • 2 flute down spiral solid carbide
  • 3 flute down spiral solid carbide
  • Down spiral chip breaker
  • 2+2 flute up / down compression spiral
  • 3+3 mdf compression
  • Acrylic “o” flute up cut spiral
  • Straight 2 flute solid carbide

These bits are designed by known companies like the Amana, since 1972, Amana tool has been producing CNC-router-bits and has become the global leader in its field. In fact, the company was the first manufacturer to produce bits according to the Holz BG German standard for safety and quality.  This standard contains rules that determine the structure and quality of the tool’s material in order to create the safest environment for the user. From its beginning, amana tool has always used the highest quality materials, and CNC-router-bits are produced using unique technologies, a majority of which were developed and built by the company’s engineers following decades of testing and experience.

For example, Amana tool uses carbon alloy steel for its bits that contains vanadium particles. This improves the structural integrity of the steel and prevents corrosion and defects in the internal structure of the material that can lead to cracks and breaks. High-tech machinery processes the carbon alloy steel to manufacture the CNC-router-bits in a single clamping.  This yields CNC-router-bits with superior balance, centricity, precision and symmetry.

To make full size stile and rail joints on your CNC router table. The interlocking design plus the raised panel groove are both cut in one pass. Ball bearing guides control the cutting depth and also allow use on rounded, arched, or special shaped doors. With these two piece sets, simply switch bits to change from cutting stiles to cutting rails; ideal for stock from 5/8″ to 7/8″ thick.

Some more types of CNC router bits are:

  • Onsrud cutter – top quality CNC router bits – a spiral router bit for CNC machine centres and CNC routers as well as hand fed router.  Using the CNC router bit selector you can search through Onsrud cutter CNC router bits by cutting edge diameter, Techniks tool holders – top quality bits tool holders – collets for router bits and CNC machine centres.
  • FS tool – saw blades, carbide tipped profile and straight CNC router bits.

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