Common Problems With Air Compressor

Some of the questions posed by the incident customers often encounter when using air compressor. In this article will refer to as a guide to troubleshoot the most common and their solutions.

Problems of rotary screw air compressor

  • Compressor does not start: If you press the start button, but nothing happened. Or an electrical malfunction, or the compressor has tripped in a safety device. Please check the power supply, errors on the screen, emergency, reset overload relays. If it is a new installation, check the phase sequence.
  • Turn off compressor at high temperature, it may be due to the following reasons: Ambient temperature is too high or not liberal enough, Low oil level, Using incorrect oil, Oil cooler are dirty congestion, Thermostatic valve does not work, Obstruction in the oil line..
  • Running but not loading may be due to: Low power, inadequate pressure, first intake valves, coil valve and solenoid valve operation have a problem, weak electromagnetic and electricity.
  • Oil in the air compressors: old oil separator, oil has reached saturation level, operating temperature too high, high oil level, Minimum pressure valve
  • Water in air compressors: In the air compressor always exists a natural essential ingredient is water, unless we remove it. Check the condensate trap works well. So water came out every few minutes. If you open the manual drain, not only a little water is coming out.
  • Withdraw engine: Try to turn the compressor by hand. It should be able to turn it around and turning smoothly. Check the isolation of the motor windings. Check the voltage and all phases when the compressor is running.
  • Problems of reciprocating piston air compressor
  • Inactive: may be due toelectrical malfunction, check electricity supply, electricity connection pressure switches.
  • Making noise: Look the part with loose connections, check that the rubber feet are not robust. check the input / output valves, piston rings, bearings.
  • Oil leak: Where often in port valve leaks, plugs.
  • Wrong installation: Worn cylinder surface, Build pressure compressor and blow air out of the input filter, check valves input / output, gasket, air filter

Problems of portable air compressor

  • Unable to start: Check the battery and safety switches, electrical connectors.
  • Checking fuel: A diesel engine only need two things to start: compression and fuel. Check the fuel system first, because this is the most common problem. Check if there is fuel in the tank and replace the fuel filter if necessary.
  • Check stop solenoid and install speed: Machine control diesel compressors with an stop solenoid. It cut off the fuel supply to the engine stops. Sometimes, this valve is dirty or broken. Check set speed boot. Speed is normal lever in full rpm when compressed is stopped.
  • The engine does not accelerate: Check speed setting lever. It is usually controlled by the actuator speed. The actuator is controlled by the control valve unlike input/download, and comes from the damper.

Above are some common problems with common air compressor and how to solve them. However if you misdiagnosis of machine condition will lead to more dangerous consequences.