DEWALT DCK211S2 Review

This DEWALT DCK211S2 12-volt max drill/driver/impact driver combo kit is the newest sensation in the hardware market. The kit offers two of the best tools from DEWALT together, giving the benefit of two at the price of one. It brings together the power of 3/8 inch drill driver and ¼ inch impact driver in one kit. It also features 2 belt clips for portability and 2 bit tips that can be adjusted on the driver and drill for drilling holes and driving screws. The combo kit also offers 12 volt max lithium–ion batteries. The batteries are chargeable with a maximum charge time of about 40 minutes. Once charged, the driver and the drill can work for a long time.

The kit also features one ¼ inch hand loading hex chuck, that be mounted on to the drill or the driver for using various accessories. The impact driver has 3 LED lights mounted on it for ease of visibility. This whole combo kit comes in a tough carry bag that is made of sturdy material and makes it easy to carry the kit anywhere. The kit comes with 3 year replacement warranty and one year free service warranty from DEWALT.


1. Light weight: The whole kit is so light weight and easy to handle. Its only weighs 7.7 pounds, making it one of the lightest combos set. The light weight makes it easier to work with and carry around. Its light weight also makes it ideal to use both indoors and outdoors. It’s small and efficient. The size also makes it easy to be stored even in the smallest of available spaces.

2. Ease of working: The driver and the drill are excellent to work with different sizes of screws and materials. Due to light weight, it’s easier to hold it straight and drive straight on the wall or screws without damaging the screws or the walls, which is major problem with other tools as they have to be drilled from tilted angles.

3. Smart design: The design is eye Cordless Screwdriveratching and attractive. The handles are easy to grip and slip proof which makes it easy to maneuver during work. The trigger is also easy to press and work with. The whole design is based on the bases of ergonomics. The battery has been placed in the handle area which makes the machine balanced and easy to stand.

4. Battery life: This combo kit cordless screwdriver and drill have 12 volt power battery each which makes both tools quite proficient. The drilling and driving the screw is quite fast and whole lot of work can be done in limited amount of time. This is the feature that makes it different from other tools available in the market. Moreover, the entire body is covered with hard case plastic that makes it water proof and shock proof.

5. Speed options: The combo set has the option for working with different speed settings, making it more user friendly compared to other products in the market. It offers 15 different clutch settings to work with. It also has an option for reverse drilling as well.

6. Belt clips: The cordless screwdriver / drill kit also contains belt clips for clipping the driver or the drill around and handy. It’s so light weight that it can be clipped to the belt and walk around with. This makes it easy to take it to remote places to work with instead to carrying heavy tool bags or machines. While working, it can be clipped to the belt and hand can be free to work around with other things.

7. Cordless ScrewdriverBit tips: It also has two bit tips for drilling and driving screws that can be mounted on the driller or the driver. Both are made of industrial grade steel, corrosion resistant and long lasting.

8. Hex chuck: The kit comes with one 14” hex chuck that can be fitted on to either the driver or to the drill. This hex chuck is ideal for fitting in any kind of screw driving or drilling accessories. This is unlike other drills on the market that has to be fitted with different hex chuck for different accessories. Another unique feature is that the hex chuck can be fitted with one hand. This is also made of good quality steel and is long lasting.

9. LED lights: The driver comes with 3 LED lights mounted in a circle around the barrel. This makes it possible to work in small dark spaces. The light helps to improve visibility on the space to work with and does not cast any shadows.

10. Ease of carrying: It’s very easily charged and the battery life is long lasting. Once charged, the charger can be put away and the kit is ready to be taken anywhere without being worried about recharging. If the batteries fails, the replacements are easily available and that too at affordable price.

Any short comings?

In addition to its benefits, the combo kit has some short comings as well. It is a quality product so it’s quite expensive and that’s why the manufacturers are offering money back guarantees to the unhappy customers. But it’s an investment worth making because it offers all in one solution for drilling and screw driving.

Another common complaint is that the LED lights are not quite useful and helpful because of their dimness.

Another shortcoming is that the there is no bit storage on the tool.

Does it include a warranties?

The kit comes with warranty which backs all its claims and quality. DEWALT holds a reputation for quality products and they have a huge demand for a variety of their products. The company also offers a 90 days money back guarantee in case the customer is unhappy with the product.

What’s in the box:

  • Drill driver
  • Impact driver
  • Two lithium-ion battery packs
  • Charger
  • Two belt clips
  • Bag

DEWALT DCK211S2 Reviews
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