DEWALT DWE7480 Review

Looking for an ideal table saw that could efficiently perform your framing and finish job with ease and precision, one of the best choices for you could be the powerful DEWALT DWE7480 Job Site Table Saw with all the features that you may be looking for. Whether you want to rip sheet stock or trim a hardwood or a frame a lumber, everything is peanuts with this impressive machine. The table saw is powered with a 15 Amp powerful motor that provides it all the power for accuracy and perfection in cutting. The performance of this machine will be proved as we discuss its features in the upcoming parts of this review.


  • Amps: 15.0 Amps
  • No load speed: 4800 rpm
  • Blade diameter: 10 inches
  • Arbor size: 5/8 inch
  • Dust port diameter: 2-1/2 inches
  • Depth of cut at 90 degrees: 3-1/8 inch
  • Depth of cut at 45 degrees: 2-1/4 inch
  • Max rip to right of blade: 24 inches
  • Max rip to left of blade: 12 inches
  • Tool weight: 48 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years

DEWALT DWE7480 Review

DEWALT DWE7480 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw

Product Details: What this machine can offer?

  • One of the biggest advantages that this machine has to offer is the portability. This feature is considered quite important when choosing to buy one.
  • It includes rack and pinion telescoping fence which makes way for easy and smooth adjustment for quick and accurate cutting.
  • The ripping capacity of this machine is 24.5 inch similar to that of its peer tool DEWALT DW744XRS Table Saw.
  • The machine is backed with a 15 amp powerful motor offering a No-load speed of 4,800 RPM. This force is sufficient enough to cut hard materials with complete ease.
  • With metal roll cage base, the saw offers durability in comparison to other saws with plastic base.
  • Weight of the machine is reasonable and you can easily move it from one point to another.
  • Cleaning is not difficult with a dust port.
  • On-board storage for Site-Pro Modular Guarding System tools makes access easy for users.
  • The package includes miter saw, miter saw gauge, carbide blade of 10 inches, blade guard and push stick.
  • The table saw package comes with a 3 years limited warranty by manufacturer.

Powerful performance

The DEWALT DWE7480 Job Site Table Saw has a powerful 15 amp motor and this one comes with an increase in No-load speed in comparison to previous model. This machine has No-load speed of 4,800 RPM. The increased speed makes way for better quality ripping as it has plenty of power.

There is also no doubt about effective performance of this machine. The rack and pinion fence is responsible for its accurate performance. Unique design parallel to the blade riding at front and back of machine and easy adjustment of fence prevents it from drifting. The machine also includes a miter gauge that you can use for cross-cutting. The machine ensures quick ripping even through toughest piece of wood or any other material.

Capacity and Accuracy

The DEWALT DWE7480 has a cutting width of 24.5 inches so you can easily frame large size shelves with this tool. It features 24 Tooth sharp carbide blade that is durable and can be adjusted at various angles from 0-45 degrees for different applications. It gives you sharp and quality ripping through material.

The maximum ripping capacity to the left is 12 inches and to the right is 24 inches. The arbor size is 5/8 inch. The machine gives cutting depth of 2-1/4 inch at 45 degrees and 3-1/8 degrees at 90 degrees.

Ease of use

With the weight of the tool only around 48 pounds, the DEWALT DWE7480 Job Site Table Saw is portable and can be easily transported to your workplace anywhere. Apart from that it has various other useful features that make it simple to operate and use. The Site-Pro Modular Guarding System gives you ease of adjustment of components without need of a tool for various applications of cutting. Adjustment is super easy and quick.

The machine also features a dust port with which you can attach a 2.5 inch vacuum and this tool will be easily cleaned. The entire machine is durable giving you less fear of damage.


If you are worried about how to use the table saw, the DEWALT DWE7480operates with complete smoothness and ease. The rear feet are adjustable and designed to give you a stable workplace. The tabletop is coated for smooth running with reduced friction.


The DEWALT DWE7480 Job Site Table Saw is relatively compact with dimensions 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inches so it won’t occupy much of your free space. Moreover it features on-board storage facility where you can easily store all your required tools and accessories for ease of access while working. You can store all components even the push stick when not in use.


  • The table saw offers accuracy of working with smooth performance.
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor makes working more efficient and quick.
  • Higher no-load speed 4,800 RPM gives faster operation.
  • Metal roll cage base is more durable.
  • Carbide blade is sharp enough to rip through hard materials with ease.
  • Ripping capacity of 24.5 inches enables you to shape larger frames and shelves.
  • Lightweight and portable machine makes transporting easy.
  • Site Pro Guarding system gives easy adjustment for versatile applications.
  • Ease of cleaning with dust port.
  • Stable workplace with reduced friction.
  • 3 years limited warranty.


Some of the shortcomings of this machine reported by some of its users are as follows:

  • The table saw doesn’t have dado option.
  • Design of the fence is great however it is little delicate.


The DEWALT DWE7480 Job Site Table Saw is a great design and improved successor to all the older versions of table saws by DEWALT. It may not be a revolutionary product but it surely gives you easy, quick and safe ripping operation through a variety of different materials of varied sizes. The rugged design and great ripping capacity makes this table saw a great option for all the tradesmen and woodworkers who are in need of a portable and efficient table saw.

DEWALT DWE7480 Reviews

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