DEWALT DWP611 Review

When my ancient wood router died I had something of a quandary on my hands. I couldn’t justify the price of a professional wood router since I’m not a professional myself, but I didn’t want the cheapest piece of junk that could be found either.

I eventually settled on the Dewalt DWP611, deciding that it probably offered the best value for the money.

First Impression

I was pleased as soon as I got it opened up. The router was obviously solid and much higher quality than I had expected for the price. Truth is, I occasionally work on cabinets for people but it’s not really an essential part of the trade.

I could tell by the initial heft that it was going to be quite easy handling which was another perk I hadn’t quite been expecting. The area to hold it in was smooth but comfortable and my grip felt quite firm. I was looking forward to using it as soon as I felt that.

Taking into account the low price, I was extremely impressed. It was time to start using it, and I couldn’t wait. I already had a project ready, so I headed outside and grabbed some scrap wood. It was time to begin the process.

Amazing in Action

Cleaning up the edges around the paneling was always kind of a pain with the old one. It “kicked” pretty hard and required me to brace myself in order to keep it in place. The soft start was a god-send, I was able to gain control immediately.

The variable speed came in handy. I haven’t suffered a burn mark on any of my work since I learned to us it properly. It really is a good idea to start with some scrap wood though, the RPMs reach about 27,000 which is enough to burn softwood pretty badly.

Honestly, once I got up to speed on using it I wish I’d gotten one a lot sooner. I spent more money trying to repair my previous wood router than I did on the DeWalt. Big mistake on my part, I’d recommend any woodworker with a subpar wood router try a cheap upgrade to a professional quality power tool like this.

Mostly, though, I was impressed with the smoothness with which it glided when I moved it. It was absolutely perfect for my kind of work, and I imagine it’d be good for just about anything you don’t absolutely need a full size router for.

I don’t think it’d be big enough for some uses though. For something like that you want something with a bigger collet and a bit more horsepower. You can be sure that if I ever expand my hobby though, I’ll be going with a DeWalt.

A Recorded Day of My Experiences

I decided to take some notes on a cabinet I made since getting this router. It was a wide kitchen set with a lot of intricate drawers for a family friend. I picked out a pine wood frame and some real oak paneling. A bit expensive, but it looks fantastic.

After I got the frame together I nailed on the panels. I’m not too handy with a table saw, so I generally do the side panels first. The DWP611 cut through them like butter with the edging bit, it made a lot of dust but that’s just the nature of the tool.

After putting on the front panels I cleaned up the edges. I played with the RPMs a bit and got them up pretty high but I just like to fiddle with my tools, that’s not really necessary and it’ll cut with virtually no resistance even around 15,000 RPMs.

I drilled pilot holes in each of the individual sections and began cutting. I’m still amazed at how smooth it cuts, even for a cheap router. The oak panels cut easily and each cut was amazingly smooth and perfect.

I’d decided on rounding the inside corners of the sections in order to make sure that the cabinet doors fit smoothly. Once this was done, it was time to start on the panels. First I used a bit to make a step on them in order to make sure they fit snugly. No one likes a loose cabinet door after all.

Once that was done, all that was left to do was round the front corners of the oak. I upped the speed a bit since it was a thicker material here, and it rounded off with no issues. I know this isn’t all that much fun to read, but I’m absolutely in love with this router.

The DeWalt DWP611 Too Good to Pass Up

I don’t normally record my experiences with tools, but this one is too good of an experience to pass up. I’d highly recommend it to any amateur woodworker who’s on a tight budget. The combination of ease of handling and high quality construction is simply amazing.

When you factor in the price, it’s probably the absolute best option on the market. It cost me less than $150 and it earned its keep the first night I had it. Since buying it I’ve used it extensively and it’s not damaged in any way. I’m absolutely impressed with it in pretty much everyway.

The one caveat to all of this is the fact that it’s probably not suitable for really heavy duty work. For light paneling or detail work though, it can’t be beat.


The Dewalt DWP611 is simply the best wood router you’ll ever find for the money. Any amateur woodworker who’s looking to upgrade their arsenal should take a look at it. A wood router is a must have item for anyone who’s serious about woodworking.

DEWALT DWP611 Reviews

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