Dremel 4000-2/30 Review

Rotary tools are some of most convenient tools around, and if you haven’t used one yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing! These machines have hundreds of functions that include all manner of sanding, carving, etching, routing, cutting, cleaning, grinding, polishing, engraving, sharpening, shaping, and more. You don’t have to be a woodworker or crafter to find dozens of uses for your rotary tool around your house. From basic repairs to decorative touches, even the most casual homeowners will find themselves using their rotary tool on a weekly, or even daily, basis. Professionals have even more reason to love them. If you’re a craftsman of any kind, you need this tool.

Dremel 4000-2/30 review

Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit – Corded

The only limit to what your rotary tool can do is your imagination, your attachments, and your tool’s power. Any other functionality is merely icing on the cake. If you want a rotary tool with excellent performance, plenty of attachments, and a comfortable, easy-to-use design, one of the Dremel 4000 kits is right for you.

This particular kit, the Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit, is the entry-level kit with 2 attachments and 30 accessories to help you get through all those crafting projects you’ve been planning and those home-improvement projects you’ve been putting off.

Powerful tool in a tiny package

The Dremel 4000 rotary tool itself is worth the price of this kit. It’s powerful, it’s comfortable, and it’s easy to switch out attachments. Add the accessories, and it’s a great, basic rotary tool kit. This package will accomplish most ordinary household tasks that up till now you’ve been accomplishing with sweat and elbow grease. It’ll also finish arts and crafts work faster and more precisely than your handheld tools.

  • 1.6 amps and 35,000 rpm is enough for any job
  • 360-degree comfort grip for all-day use
  • Easy to change speed and attachments
  • 2 attachments and 30 accessories

Adjustable speed for any use

With 1.6 amps, the Dremel 4000 packs a punch in a compact, 13″ body. The lowest setting is 5,000 rpm, delicate enough for the finest carvings, but speeds up to 35,000 handles the toughest rust. The variable speed control also incorporates electronic feedback to maintain constant power even at slower speeds. Plus, the motor brushes are replaceable, so your rotary tool has years of use ahead of it.

Small and comfortable

Although it has power tool performance, it’s got a great feel. The body is designed to be held at any angle, with a soft grip to absorb vibration, and since it’s just over a pound, you can use it all day without fatigue. It’s only 13″ long and feels nicely balanced whether holding it around the body or with a pencil grip near the end for finer, more accurate work. A six-foot cord has enough length to let you move around without weighing you down.

Change speed, change attachments

The variable speed control on the Dremel 4000 is one of the most intuitive controls to use. It’s a sliding dial located near your thumb that lets you adjust the speed quickly and accurately. Unlike many styles of variable control, it’s separate from the on/off switch, so once you find a speed you like, you can continue working at that speed for the whole project. Accessories can be snapped on and off with an easy-to-use collet lock mechanism.

2 attachments and 30 accessories for a variety of uses

The Dremel 4000-2/30 rotary tool kit comes with a quick start guide and a sturdy storage case to hold the tool and all accessories. It also includes these two attachments:

  • Circle cutter and straight edge guide to drill perfect holes in a row
  • Sanding and grinding guide to provide stability using a straight edge

The kit also contains 30 accessories, including:

  • High speed cutter
  • Two mandrels
  • Coarse 1/2″ sanding drum
  • 14 sanding discs and bands at different grits
  • Two felt polishing wheels and polishing compound
  • Cut-off wheels (emery and fiberglass-reinforced)
  • Carbon steel brush
  • Multipurpose cutting bit
  • Aluminum oxide grinding wheel
  • Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding stones

Here are just a few of the things that people have used their Dremel 4000 for:

  • Cutting off rusted, frozen, or stripped bolts
  • Polishing brushed aluminum on vehicles to a chrome finish
  • Trimming plastic flares on motorcycles
  • Making and refinishing dollhouse furniture
  • Planning sticky doors to open and shut smoothly
  • Removing rust off of tools
  • Strip furniture for refinishing

How to choose a Dremel kit

The Dremel 4000-2/30 is the perfect starter kit, but if you’re worried about the breadth of functionality that this kit offers, think about getting the Dremel 4000-3/34. The rotary tool is the same, but the kit has a few more attachments and accessories that might suit your needs. If you need a lot more flexibility than this kit proves, check out the Dremel 4000-6/50. Not only does it have the most complete kit assortment available, it also comes with the flex shaft attachment that provides a narrow, easy-to-grip tube extension.

Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit - Corded review

Buy Dremel 4000-2/30 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit – Corded now!

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  • Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM; easy-to-understand speed dial features
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments
  • Includes 30 Dremel accessories and 2 Dremel attachments
  • 360-degree grip zone for control in any position
  • Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool
  • 2 attachments
  • 30 accessories
  • Hard carry case
  • Accessory case
  • 2 year warranty

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