Dremel 4000-3/34 Review

Although they’re technically power tools, rotary tools are in a different class from drills and drivers. They use the same basic mechanism – rotation – but rotary drills offer the ultimate user-friendly experience for people who make handicrafts, homeowners who need a little touch-up around the house, and hobbyists who work on small-scale projects. Rotary tools can smooth, sand, and plane wood and other surfaces. They can engrave and carve into all sorts of materials. They can cut through metal and drywall, grind away rough tile, sharpen blades, polish rusty metal, strip old finish, and hundreds of other activities.

Dremel 4000-3/34 review

Dremel 4000-3/34 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

If you’ve got a project you’re working on, the Dremel 4000-3/34 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit will help you finish it. The Dremel name is well-known in the rotary world; they’re the benchmark for what a successful tool should be able to do. Now their popular 4000 model is available in a choice of kits that have different attachments and accessories depending on your needs. The 3/34 kit is their mid-level kit. It contains 3 attachments and 34 accessories for people who need a little more versatility than the basic 2/30 kit, but not the sheer abundance of accessories provided in the 6/50 kit. For slightly more specialized projects, the Dremel 4000-3/34 kit is right for you.

Heavy-duty performance without the weight

The accessories are well worth the extra cost, but the real star is the Dremel 4000 rotary tool itself. It feels like a crafting tool in your hand, but you’ll think it works like a power tool. The shaft mechanism makes it easy to change accessories, of which the 3/34 kit has plenty. All the little maintenance tasks around your house will instantly become easier, and your handwork finer. This rotary tool sports:

  • Power and rpms to spare for any task
  • Comfortable design to reduce user fatigue
  • Attachments and speeds that change in a flash
  • 3 attachments and 34 accessories

Power tool / craft tool hybrid

The Dremel 4000 is small enough to operate with one hand, but with 1.6 amps, there’s enough power for two. You can adjust the speed as high as 35,000 rpms for tough jobs like smoothing concrete, and as low as 5,000 rpms for careful, dollhouse furniture work. Electronic feedback keeps the power up when dropping from high to low speeds, and replaceable motor brushes will keep your tool in service for years.

Lightweight comfort grip

Plug it in, and the Dremel 4000 spins (and sounds) like a power tool, but pick it up and you’ll be surprised. It’s only a pound and a couple ounces, so even if you’re working for hours at a stretch, your arm and wrist won’t be tired. The body is nicely balanced with a 13″ long body and a 6-foot cord that not only gives you a lot of room to move around but acts as a nice counterweight. The body is designed for a soft grip all the way around, either around the barrel or closer to the bit for more control. Plus, the Dremel 4000-3/34 kit comes with a detailer’s pistol grip for even more flexibility.

Switch attachments and rpms with speed

All those rpms are no good to you if you can’t control them easily. Lucky for you, the Dremel 4000 has an easy sliding dial that controls the speed with precision. After you find an appropriate speed for your work, you can keep it there for the duration of your work, as the on/off switch is separate from the speed control. Switching out accessories is a breeze with a quick change collet lock system.

3 attachments and 34 accessories

The Dremel 3/34 kit comes with three attachments:

  • Sanding and grinding guide to provide stability using a straight edge
  • Detailer’s grip  for a comfortable hold
  • Multipurpose cutting kit for drywall, laminate, fiberglass, plastic, and vinyl siding

The Dremel 4000-3/34 includes with the same accessories as the Dremel 4000-2/30 package. In addition, the following also come in the storage case:

  • Engraving cutter
  • Bristle brush
  • Additional grinding stones
  • Additional cutting wheels

Here some of the jobs which homeowners and craft makers have been able to do with their Dremel 4000 3/34 kits:

  • Drill holes in glass
  • Smooth pottery edges after firing
  • Trim bathroom tiles
  • Cut down dowels for struts and drill holes to install them
  • Polishing jewelry
  • Cutting and shaping sheet metal
  • Constructing dollhouses and animal houses
  • Carving out panels in cabinets

The Dremel 4000-3/34 kit fills a nice niche between basic and comprehensive. If you think you’ll never get around to using all the attachments and accessories, go with the smaller kit, the Dremel 4000-2/30 kit. It has the same great tool with just enough accessories to cover the basics. However, for even more flexibility and the ability to squeeze into really tight spots, check out the Dremel 4000-6/50 kit. Again, it’s the same great tool, but this kit includes the flex shaft attachment for the ultimate maneuverability.

Dremel 4000-3/34 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit review

Buy Dremel 4000-3/34 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit now!

Features:Specs:Box includes:Warranty:
  • Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM
  • Soft grip for comfort and control
  • Works with standard attachments plus high performance level attachments
  • Variable speed also features electronic feedback for consistent power at lower and mid-range speeds
  • Replaceable motor brushes
  • 6′ cord length
  • Product Type: Tool Grinders
  • Generic Specifications: 1.6 amps. 120 volts AC. 50 to 60 Hz.
  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 7.38 Inches
  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 10.38 Inches
  • Overall Depth – Front to Back: 15.06 Inches
  • Overall Product Weight: 4.83 Pounds
  • Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool
  • 3 Attachments
  • 34 Accessories
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Accessory Case
  • Limited 2 Year

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