Drill Press Buying Guide 2017

A drill press is not just for drilling holes. You will be surprised when you find that what you actually can do with a drill press and with the proper accessories. To be honest, this is one of the most versatile tools ever invented. For your home garage if you buy one, your home woodworking will be at a new level and that is quite amazing. But the issue is there is overwhelming number of drill press available in the marker and that will make you confused about the right drill press for you. There are some important considerations that you should know before buying one. You can take this as your ultimate buying guide for the best drill press.

Drill Press Buying Guide

A drill press was initially designed for metalworking crafts. But now it has been developed in so many ways and thus the versatility of this amazing tool has been taken in a whole new level. You can use this multipurpose tools buy attaching various accessories for different purposes. The more expensive models have more options for attachments. The choice is obviously not easy, but this will guide you to some very important considerations to make sure that the money you are spending for a drill press is an excellent investment. The main target will be to provide the most versatile drill press at the least price.

Some main issues are there we discussed below. As it is a versatile tool you need to have some technical expertise for smoother operations. Before buying know the technical terms and specifications. If you are buying a drill press for the first time then you better visit some workshop, look at their tools. Otherwise search online for tips and ideas. Space is another important issue to think before buying one. If you are having a small home garage and there is not enough space for bigger tools then you should go for the bench top models. If you have enough space to accommodate bigger tools then you can go for floor model drill press. Let’s have a look below.


There are generally four main parts in a conventional drill press. The base is designed to support the drill press. This base has pre drilled holes so that it can be fastened to the floor or a bench. Another part is a steel made column. The column holds the table and the head with the base. The floor model drill press has a column of more height. The table is fixed to the column, but it can be moved at any height between the head and the base. Some tables have fixed position and some can be tilted to different angels. There you can buy auxiliary tables that you can attach to the main table for your convenience. If that is not available then there is custom made table, made of wood or plywood. The entire working mechanism that is attached to the upper part of the column is called the head. Some essential parts of the head are spindle, quills, feel lever etc. The spindle revolves in a vertical position and it is set at either end of a movable sleeve, the quill. The quill is moved downward by means of a simple rack-and-pinion gearing. This is worked by the feed lever. As the feed handle is released, the quill is returned to its normal position. You can lock the quill and preset the travel amount of the quill so that you can bore holes of the same depth. The travel and other measurements depend on the models of drill press.

Some models of drill press have a ½ inch capacity geared chuck with a key. This is not available in all the models. But it is good to have one. Most of the drill press accessories fit directly into the geared chuck.


The capacity of a drill press is measured from the center of the chuck to the front of the column. This is expressed as the diameters. For further explanation, a 12 inch drill press can drill a hole through the center of a round piece of wood that is 12 inch in diameter. The actual distance from the center of the bore to the front of the column is 6 inches.

Types of Drill Press

Drill presses can be of different types. Though there are more than ten types available in the market, all of those are not important types. Most of those are variations of two major types with different changes. We will talk about the two major ones therefore, in this article.

You can try to figure out which one will be the most appropriate one for your needs from this part of the article. Let’s go!

1. Bench Top Drill Press

Bench Top Drill Press



This type of drill is more common in wooden workshops than in elsewhere. Small workshops use this bench top drill because the drill is smaller and you can easily install these on your work table.

As these are small drills, you have to understand the fact that their capacities are not that much. Obviously, if you are working with only wood then this should not be a problem because all of these bench top drills can take care of woods perfectly. The problem arises when you want to use bench top drills for hard tasks.

They are small so they use less electricity and power which will save your money in the long run. When you are at your home working with a drill machine, you do not think about the electricity but when you are in your workshop working, you have to think about everything as all are related to the business.

2. Floor Drill Press

Floor Drill Press


The other type of drill available in the market is the floor drills. These are the heavier ones that you see around. If you have large projects or if you are planning to open a large workshop then there is no debate that you should go for a floor drill instead of a bench top one. You can easily install these drill machines directly to the surface and therefore, these are easy to work with along with better balance and movement. A lot of home users are also using this floor drill press models as these are more powerful than the other type. If you are into power and urgency, this is the model that you should always choose over the other types.

Major Considerations

As we said earlier, this drill press is one of the most versatile tools available for home garage. Because of its amazing functions and overwhelming usage, it can be quite difficult for anybody new to choose the right drill press. So it is important not to look over the important features that will make sure that you are not investing for the wrong item. At the same time this will help you to get the most out of the power tool. While looking for a new drill press, check the following features carefully.

  • The construction of the drill press should be solid, very strong and sturdy. Strong construction will assure the longevity of the tool without giving any trouble. Size is also important for a drill press. You should know the measurement well before buying a drill press.
  • Horsepower (HP) is a measurement of power for motor tools. The maximum power that can be produced by the motor is measured by horsepower. Higher horsepower will allow you to bore bigger holes through tougher materials. There are motors available of different horsepower, from ¼ HP to 1 HP.
  • There will be different speed settings in a drill press. The more speed setting will make your tool more versatile. Different speeds allow drilling different diameter holes through different materials without any damage. For drilling materials like wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, you will require different speed options.
  • The structure should be observed carefully. The Table and the base should be ribbed for strength and rigidity. The tables should have ledges on the sides so that the work can be clamped, for the safety of the user. The table should easily be adjusted, left or right, up or down. This will help to adapt different drilling positions.
  • Normally the head is made of cast iron. But in some lower quality drill presses, the cast iron is not the material. You should buy one that is made of cast iron, because this metal offers protection and excellent support for the most important part of the drill press, the motor, the quill and the pinion shaft.
  • Any machine tool should be handled carefully, and there should be no chance to make any single mistake. The drill press should be equipped with a chuck and the chuck should be tightened by a wrench or a key, not by hand. The chuck accommodates bits of different sizes and accessories. It is better having a taper mounted chuck to assure accurate drilling. Some chucks have self-ejecting key to assure that the key is not left in the chuck accidentally.
  • Quill travel is another important consideration. Grater quill travel will allow bore deeper holes. You will find depth stop control in some models, and it is important for repetitive boring. IT assures equal depth for each hole, if needed.

Benefits of Using Drill Press

Now, as you are reading the drill press reviews 2016 article, we can easily assume that you are into drill presses and you need one. Therefore, you should already know what the benefit is that you are looking for. That benefit will be there but there are some other ones too that you might not think about. This section is all about those benefits. What are the benefits that you will be getting from a drill press? Let’s explore!

1. Safety

Safety is always the first benefit that you receive from drill press models. There is hardly any drill press which causes a threat or even a chance of accident. These are extremely safe models that you can feel safe about when you are using. That is definitely a good benefit of using drill press machines.

2. Angled Holes

You don’t have to drill a hole only at a straight line. If you are innovative and creating interesting furniture or something else that needs a weird shaped drill, drill presses are the machines that will allow you to do so. You cannot simply do that with a regular drill machine or something else.

3. Easy

With great motors, your life becomes a lot easier. These drill presses are easy to work with and they actually make sure that you do not have to invest much of your physical labor while you are working. It makes the whole process a lot easier than before. Ask your grandparent and he will tell you how awesome drill presses are!

4. Accuracy

It is super important that you are always accurate when you are drilling holes. One hole in a wrong spot and the whole project can be ruined. The drill press machines actually make sure that you don’t do that mistake! Mistakes happen but these machines bring the chance down to a lot of extents.

Final Words

This is an investment when you are buying something like this. So you should not just do something that will make you repent later. Better spend some times researching on the product. Now a day there is information everywhere. Have a look on this and then make the final decision. Most of the products here we discussed in the drill press reviews are for perfection, precision, and smooth operations. This will not disappoint you while working with your materials. Happy shopping!

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