Florida Pneumatic FP-747 Review


  • Drive Size (in.): 3/8
  • Maximum torque (ft.-lb.): 275
  • Weight (lb.): 2.5
  • Warranty (year): 2


Florida Pneumatic FP-747 Review


Florida Pneumatic FP-747 3/8-Inch Super Duty Magnesium Impact Wrench – Grab The Super Saver Deal

Florida Pneumatic FP-747 weighs just 2-1/2 pounds, making it to be the lightest impact wrench tool on the market. It goes without saying that its light weight design makes it easy to handle and also operate even in complex work settings, especially in tighter spots. Trust me, it is able to give the user all the comfort necessary for a great finish, and also reduces operator fatigue to a greater extent that’s why it is an excellent tool despite the fact that it lasts long and powerful as you are assured of good results.

It has great features that ensure its excellent performance and it includes the modern design that’s new with low vibration to ensure enough comfort while working. Another great feature that is accompanied with the tool is the twin hammer construction and managed system for power.

The following features enhance the performance of:

  • A working torque of 275 feet per lbs
  • Has a light weight  of 2-1/2 pounds
  • Has low vibration system
  • Has an air-powered power source
  • Twin hammer
  • Combined reverse power management system
  • Two year Warranty

Who is it for?

Though it is a great addition to any mechanic shop, it still is quite user friendly and can be used by anyone. However, great caution should be taken while handling it.

Pros and cons:

This Impact Wrench delivers great torque output by means of storing energy and feeding it through to the shaft (output)- Everything with no or minimal exertion by anybody who uses it. It comes with a light weight composite case of magnesium hammer making it easy to carry along and also provides protection to the tool.

The Impact Wrench is quite fit enough to be used in different applications such as product assembly, equipment maintenance, auto repair, and even construction projects. In short, this could do justice to its role wherever an appreciable amount of torque output is required.  Talk about balance, this tool comes out as the best in class, all because of its robust build and light weight design. Another of its brighter sides is the nice handle that comes with a soft grip. Gone are the days when handles of different wrenches caused more problems, stopping us from continuing on the job for hours together. It has a lovely handle design that was well thought of mainly to address the issues related to operator fatigue.

Lack of product certifications may probably be a matter of concern, however, you have a two year warranty cover nonetheless.

Why you should buy it?

It comes with the great features that facilitate operation of the tool. The new modern low vibration mechanism also makes the wrench stand out from the rest.

This amazing Impact Wrench has not failed yet as a product maker; it’s given a very handy tool with which automotive servicing has become a touch easier and enjoyable.

Florida Pneumatic FP-747 Reviews

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