Fluke 324 Review

Fluke 324 Clamp Meter Review

Fluke 324 40/400A AC, 600V AC/DC True-RMS Clamp Meter with Temperature, & Capacitance Measurements

Since electricians need tools to get the job done quickly and easily, the Fluke 324 Clamp Meter has been released to the market. This tool will allow anyone to get the right numbers in order to do the right job thanks to its incredible and useful features such as hold button, backlight display among other things. In this review, you will read a lot about the Fluke 324 and how it can take your job to a whole new level.

The Fluke 324 Clamp Meter has been created for industrial, light, commercial, residential, HAC and DIY applications. The device is also designed to work on a very tough environment and will provide reliable, noise-free results anyone can trust to diagnose any problem with confidentiality. You will also enjoy accurate measurements on any non-linear signal, and its ergonomic design makes this tool incredible good for any kind of troubleshooting out there by combining strength and value with functionality on one single and compact package.

Users will be able to measure currents up to 600 Volts AC and 400 Amps AC. There is also a carrying case that will keep the unit protected and a two-year warranty that is simply awesome. In addition, the company behind this product is a world leader in the service, manufacture and distribution of electronic test software and tools. Residential and commercial electricians will use the Fluke 324 to perform RMS measurements as this tool is very good for any troubleshooting issue. The unit will also verify that fuses, switches, AC voltage, load current and contacts are present.

Specifications and Features

  • Ergonomic, slim design.
  • Easy to read, large backlight display.
  • CAT III 600/ CAT IV 300V Volt safety rating.
  • Hold button.
  • Capacitance and temperature measurement.
  • Current measurement of 400 A AC.
  • Voltage measurement of DC and 600 V AC.


  • This unit is well featured and the high quality can been seen all over the item. It also comes with a broader resistance range along with a fair price.
  • Light up screen.
  • The unit works properly. It will perform its job very well in any domestic installation.
  • Pocket size and very accurate measures.
  • The backlight is very easy to read.
  • It will read the caps right away. It will also register any starting amp.
  • It will not show any kind of false voltage reading.
  • The brand behind this product is trustworthy.
  • Electrical functions will work properly.
  • Rugged and solid construction.
  • It is ideal for everyday work with any machine that draws current or has a motor.
  • It will keep your skin from getting fried.
  • The unit is very handy and allows you to check superheat/sub cooling along with any kind of capacitor, though you will need to get a thermo attachment.
  • It comes with the features every electrician will need.
  • You can buy many useful accessories.
  • It will not have any delays when reading any kind of voltage or temperature. In addition, the unit features a temperature probe.
  • The unit comes with a leather case and is very reliable.
  • Users can check and fine tune the temperature of an incubator too.
  • High quality construction that is second to none.
  • Fair price and you will get the numbers that will allow you to do the job properly.


  • The temperature reading might come with some issues.
  • It might not measure DC amps.

The Fluke 324 Clamp Meter is the right troubleshooting tool every electrician should use in order to measure anything accurately. In addition, It comes with many accessories that will make the life of every electrician easier. Though its temperature reading might have some issues, the Fluke 324 comes with enough, useful feature to offset this little problem. In addition, the unit comes with light up screen and pocket size that will amaze every user out there. The device is also awesome for amperage voltage, and its solid construction will give you the peace of mind you need. If you need to make accurate measurements while using a well-constructed device, then the Fluke 324 is the right item for you as it comes with a rugged construction and can draw current from any motor out there.