How to Remove a Chainsaw That’s Stuck in a Tree

How to Remove a Chainsaw That’s Stuck in a Tree

Have you ever been using a chainsaw and had it get stuck in a tree or log? It’s a very frustrating experience. Sometimes, it’s so difficult together the saw out, that it’s almost worth abandoning the whole saw and buying a new one.

(Okay, maybe it’s never quite that bad, but it can certainly feel that way.)

Fortunately, the good news is your chainsaw doesn’t have to be stuck forever when you get it caught in a log. Here are a few different tips, tricks and techniques to getting your chainsaw out of a stump and back to your garage.

Reverse the Pressure

The first and simplest way to get a chainsaw out of a stump or log is to reverse the pressure on the blade. The reason chainsaws usually get stuck is there is pressure on the blade keeping it in place. This pressure is often from the weight of the tree or log pressing down on the saw.

The simple solution? Reverse that pressure. Push back against the tree or log while pulling on the saw. (You may want to get a friend to help push.)

You may also want to rock the tree or log and try to wiggle the chainsaw out while you wiggle. Be careful, though: you don’t want a tree to come down on your head while you do this.

Cut it Out

Another simple way to get your first stuck chainsaw out is to cut it out. This is done by simply making cuts on the opposite side of your first cut — the one that got your original saw stuck in the first place. The idea here is that cutting on the opposite side will help fell the tree, making it easy to simply walk up and pick up your now-free chainsaw. (If you need to buy another chainsaw to have a spare on hand, head over to Amazon where you can find great chainsaws for cheap.)

Use Leverage

Finally, there’s a more complicated way to get a stuck saw out of the tree, but it’s actually not that bad with the right equipment. All you have to do is use a little physics to create monster leverage and basically make the tree loosen the chainsaw itself.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Rope
  • A 32-foot ladder
  • Two or more people
First, use the ladder to climb to the top of the tree. You’ll want to bring the rope with you.

Next, securely fasten the rope to the tree near the top. Make sure to tie the rope to a strong branch — you’re going to be pulling hard on the rope, and you don’t want to accidentally pull off a branch and have to climb back up and tie another rope.

Finally, pull on the rope and tug on the chainsaw. With even a little bit of pressure at top, you should be able to loosen the chainsaw and make it easy to pull it out. The reason this works is because of the principle of leverage. A little bit of pull at the top can cause the entire tree to lean, providing a lot more leverage and power than you could provide yourself by pushing at the bottom. Essentially, you’re using the tree’s own weight against it.

Stuck Saw? No Problem

Each of these tips can be useful to know if you get a saw stuck in a tree or log. If you are clearing a lot of land or are beginning to work in forestry, you’re bound to get your chainsaw stuck at one time or another. Instead of feeling completely frustrated and giving up on ever retrieving your saw, trying one (or more) of these techniques to free your saw and continue working. Before you know it, the job will be safely done and your saw will be safely at home.

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