How To Set Up Your Air Compressor For Air Tools

Setting up an air compressor for power tools is not a simple task. Some additional tools and accessories including:

  • Compressor oil
  • Couplers
  • Pliers
  • Air hose
  • Wrench
  • Allen wrench
  • Stapler gun and Teflon tape can make this task easier.

So it is always advisable to follow the following simple steps and get to set an air compressor for your air tool with absolute ease.

  • Open the air tool to find out what you need to set up.
  • Choose the right compressor based on the requirements and air demand of the air tool.
  • Then attach a rubber stopper in front of the compressor followed by tightening of the bolts by Allen wrench.
  • Attach one end of the main coupler to the compressor and the other end to the hose along with a female coupler on the other ends of the hose.
  • Follow instructions to remove filter cap and fill the compressor with oil.
  • Then wrap the tool and be ready to be started.

Please watch the video below !

You should abide by the recommendation of the manufacturer to maintain and regulate the working of the compressor unit. Do not forget to read through the manual and follow the instructions to change the oil and drain the tank. For long lasting service it is important to take proper care of the set up while installing and operating the compressor to avoid condensation and rust.

An air compressor is an important component of air tools that are engaged in various applications like painting, polishing, drilling, inflating, sanding and so on. There is a wide range of tools in which it is used for the operation of power tools that requires pressurizing air. The list of such uses includes impact wrench, rotary sander, inflating tires, blow out plumbing lines, blowing up balloons, air brush painting, pneumatic launcher, drill, riveter, cleaning floor with pressurized air and many more.

Whether it is an assembling system or a repairing procedure, you must be well versed with the components and its functional uses to guide the process thoroughly. You should go through the following aspects before choosing the right compressor for your air tool in order to achieve the most effective and efficient level of performance.

So before you un-wrap the air tool and find out how to fix the air compressor, you should know how to operate the working of an air pressure. It is also important to select the air compressor that is perfectly suited for your air tool. For the best performance of your appliances chose the air compressor accordingly.

To pick the best air compressor for your air tool you also need to have a good know how of the pressure and the pressurized air functions. According to the frequency of usage and the type of application, you can select from an array of compressors varying from light air compressor for non-professional use, to portable compressors for medium use and heavy compressors for commercial and industrial use.