How to Sharpen Drill Bits At Home

How to Sharpen Drill Bits At HomeWe have everybody been there. You wake up in the morning, fully determined to do something useful this day. You take out your cordless drill from the box, find your metal drill bits just to find out they are not as sharp as they used to be. You drive off to your local retailer and buy yourself a new drill-bit kit. But does your drill bits necessarily need to be replaced if they are worn out? Of course there is a line. If the drill has big pits, it is broken and needs to be replaced by a new one, but if the edges of the drill is barely worn you can easily repair it by sharpen the drills with a bench grinder (if you have one) or use a drill bit sharpener.

How To Sharpen Drill Bits With A Bench Grinder

  1. Use an electric bench grinder with strong enough wheel to handle your drills. For tasks like sharpening drills you should always use a bench grinder with a hard metal wheel. A diamond wheel is very suitable. You can use a softer metal grind wheel like carbon, but keep in mind that this wheel will get worn out much faster than the hard metal wheels. Always use suitable safety gear when you work with a bench grinder.
  2. Start your bench grinder. Hold your drill bit at the base below the working area of the drill. Take a closer look at the tip of the bit and you will see that it has a conical shape. You will see the cutting edge at this area, and that is the spot you will sharpen.
  3. Start by holding the drill bit so that the conical area goes synchronously with the bench grinder wheel. Touch the sloped side on the drill bit to the wheel and turn the drill bit slowly. Always keep the drill bit in the same angle. Lift the drill bit off the wheel for a moment, than press it to the wheel and grind it again.
  4. Always have cold water available so you can occasionally dip the drill to avoid it getting too hot. Use the tip of your finger to see how sharp the drill is. If necessary, grind the drill some more.
  5. You can finish by sharpening the drill`s ridges with a metal file.

How To Sharpen Drill Bits With a Bit Sharpener

Not everybody owns a bench grinder. But there is a tool called a bit sharpener, and I must tell you, when I first used one, it totally blew my mind. This is in fact the easy way of sharpening your drill bits. Simply put your drill bit into the alignment chuck. Press until it stops. Then lock it and put the chuck into the sharpener. Turn the chuck an even number of half turns. The drill bit is now as good as new. Most of the drill sharpeners can be used for various drill sizes. The one I use, Drill Doctor DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener, can handle drills from 3/32 inch and all the way up to 3/4 inch. It is one of the best investments I’ve ever done.

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