How to Use a Cordless Drill – Home User Edition

How to Use a Cordless Drill - Home User EditionA cordless drill is handy and is one of those “must have” tools that every household should have, even if you only need it once in a while for hanging up a picture. Though everyone can buy one and keep it in their garage, but not every home user knows exactly how to use a cordless drill. In this guide I will walk you through step by step on how to use a cordless drill. This guide is for the average home user that has no or little experience with battery operated drills. I will not go into professional tasks such as drilling with the hammer function.

Use your cordless drill as a electric screwdriver

  • Make sure you use the right screw for your task. If the screw is to big you can end up damaging the material. Also if you are going to hang something heavy to the wall (like a flat screen TV) always make sure you drive the screw into the wall beams.
  • Choose the correct bit for the screw. Always try the bit on the screw before you put the bit in the cordless drill chuck. Make sure your bit fits perfectly and that there is no slack
  • Make sure your bit stays tight in the chuck. If you fail to do so, you might end up with a damaged screw slot, forcing you to unscrew it again with pliers.
  • For most of the best cordless drills you can get a magnetic bit tray. If you don`t have it I suggest you get one. It doesn`t only hold your bits, but the bit also holds the screw.
  • Put the screw on the bit and barely press the drill button until the screw is on “firm ground”.
  • Take the cordless drill of the screw slot and adjust the torque setting to the lowest possible (1). Start by adding a little bit of pressure to the machine, and remember (I can’t say this enough), ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CORDLESS DRILL STRAIGHT during operation to avoid damaging the screw slot.
  • When the torque is reached, (probably when the screw is half way in) adjust the torque to the next level (2). Keep doing this until the screw head is fully in the material. If you have a lot of screws going into the same wall (and material), just keep the torque setting from the first screw.

Use your cordless tool for drilling

  • Before you fire up your cordless power tool and start drilling, there are some considerations you need to take. What material am I going to drill in? What dimension hole am I going to drill?
  • For materials like woods and plastic, you need a wooden drill kit. If you are going to drill in metals, you need a metal drill kit. If you use your wooden drills in metal you will destroy them.
  • You also need to be sure what speed you are going to drill with. Bigger holes equal less speed, and smaller holes equal more speed. Home users of cordless drills don’t have to follow this rule to the letter, but just keep it in mind.
  • Be sure the drill is tight in the chuck. If the drill loosens from the chuck you can damage the material and the drill.
  • When it is time to start drilling, adjust the torque setting to “drill” (in most cases described with a picture of a drill). Keep a firm pressure and always keep your cordless drill straight. Let the drill work for you; don’t use your full bodyweight, trying to press the drill through the wall.

”I hope you enjoyed this guide.”

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