Ingersoll Rand 2130-2 Review


  • Drive Size (in.): 1/2
  • Maximum torque (ft.-lb.): 600
  • Weight (lb.): 4.6
  • Warranty (year): 1


Ingersoll Rand 2130-2 Review


Ingersoll-Rand 2130-2 1/2-Inch Impact Pnuematic Wrench – Better Than Its Predecessor

Ingersoll-rand is a famous tool maker that is known to be the leader in production of industrialized tools. Ingersoll-rand 2130-2 heavy duty ½ inch impact pneumatic wrench with extended anvil is the modified form of the previous pneumatic wrench. It has a maximum torque of up to 600 ft per lbs, it weighs 5 pounds; this shows how light the tool is and how easy it is to handle it. From a really heavy duty casing to producing 600 ft-lbs of sheer torque, this air impact wrench proves a point that it is a very good option with great power, and versatility, which no garage should be without.

A lot of tweaks have gone into this impact wrench just to differentiate itself from its predecessor which also happens to be an anvil.

The main features are as listed below:

  • Made with Full stroke tease throttle for greater control
  • A multi position power management
  • A high speed of 9500 RPM
  • Easy glide forward and a reverse switch
  • 600 ft per lbs maximum torque

Who is it for?

No matter whether you’re a pro mechanic, or someone who maintains cars at your garage, maybe you understand the significance of having the right air tool. This impact wrench has in store all the ingredients that make of a robust air wrench which any mechanic would like to have.

Pros and cons

The real character of a pneumatic air impact wrench tool lies in its usability, meaning the easier it is to use, the better it is in terms of efficiency. Made of a very sturdy casing, the Impact Wrench enjoys greater balance and so it would not jump or jerk while you operate it. Not only it is smooth in operation, but it also has the capability to channel through enough power to get bigger jobs done, without inflicting fatigue in your hands, arms and back.

It has a full stroke tease throttle and an easy glide forward or reverse switch which gives you more or less precise control. The multi position power adjustment in the tool is also a great feature that one should consider while buying it.  Moreover, it has a powerful twin hammer that produces 60 ft per lbs top torque, and is made of a composite housing which is well padded with superior ergonomic design, giving you a light weight package. The average air consumption of the impact wrench is 4.4 cfm and a high speed of 9500 rpm when there is no load. Powered by a robust motor, this air impact wrench creates enough impact, thus removing the fasteners that would not come off otherwise. Just like other impact wrenches, it does work very well during disassembly than assembly.

Other positive points include:

  • It comes with a great price making it affordable
  • A manual to guide of the product is included to help you in the operation of the tool
  • You are guaranteed of durability of 1 year warranty. For everything else, say if something happens to the tool within 30 days from date of purchase, replacement is possible.

Why you Should Buy It?

It is a great tool especially with the advanced extension of the 2-inch anvil which makes the tool to produce 50 more torque control. On the other hand, it is also light and powerful.

If you have had good experience using a product of Ingersoll-Rand, push yourself and go for this Ingersoll-rand 2130-2.

Ingersoll Rand 2130-2 Reviews

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