Ingersoll Rand 271 Review


  • Drive Size (in.): 1
  • Maximum torque (ft.-lb.): 1100
  • Weight (lb.): 12.5
  • Warranty (year): 1


Ingersoll Rand 271 Review


Ingersoll-Rand 271 Super Duty 1-Inch Pnuematic Impact Wrench – Delivers Great Results Steadily

Before you decide to plow down your money to buying an efficient impact wrench, you’d expect it to hold up for a longer period of time, although you’d want it to offer great comfort and provide excellent benefits courtesy of its features. Ingersoll-rand 271 super duty 1-inch pneumatic impact wrench is one such tool which is one of the shortest pneumatic impact wrenches on the market with only 1 inch long, just what you have been waiting for. Do not associate poor power delivery with a short took, this impact wrench is a bit of workhorse, it has a fast speed of 5500 RPM; this gives you the convenience of working fast. In addition to that, it has a power of up to 1100 ft per lbs of torque, which in my book is very impressive.

Known for offering the best products when it comes to engineering and energy, Ingersoll-rand deals with production of various industrial products. The company also offers a 2 year warranty in their products plus the offer a plastic casing for the tool.

The main features that make the tool a great one to use are as follows:

  • Fast speed of 5,500RPM
  • Maximum torque of 1,100
  • Small size
  • High output power
  • Has a light weight of 12.5pounds
  • Has an average air consumption of 9.5cfm
  • Super duty impact

Who is it for?

It is not a matter whether you’re undertaking a big brake overhaul, or rotating the tires on your car, this Impact Wrench allows you to hit the right power to ascertain that you get the torque you call for. So, it is quite a handy tool for both pros and newbies.

Pros and cons:

It has a pressure feed system that ensures the tool gives a long life service to the user. The maker has addressed the complaints of the customers well. It has ameliorated the grip, by amending the dead handle of the tool, so it now provides superior grip and in turn enhanced operator control. Tool is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the company, and no doubt it is well-made to suit you working application. It’s quite light in weight, operates at appreciably faster speed, and sits on your hands comfortably thanks to the ergonomically designed handle. The tool is engineered with Ingersoll-rand advantage which includes; a high impact power of 2 inch and torque control. These prominent aspects of this product are already making waves on the market, just because, this tool, taken as a whole, delivers great amount of power and lasts long.

Why you should buy it?

It is covered by a warranty of 1 year, and comes at a great price. No reason why it would not hold up well for years together, even when used consistently on tough jobs where right balance of power and precision is key. Another main reason that one should purchase this tool is its ease of use and comfort features.

Less about hoopla, and more about producing great results. Steadily.

Ingersoll Rand 271 Reviews

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