Is An Old Craftsman Table Saw A Good Buy? Everything You Need To Know

Would you like to get a good table saw but you’re short on money? Don’t worry because you can buy an old craftsman table saw and rebuilt it for regular use. Rebuilding an old table saw is a better idea than buying a newer one because you can save money.

I learned about this possibility when I bought a vintage table saw from a garage sale in our neighborhood. After all the do-it-yourself (DIY) videos I’ve watched online, I eventually succeeded in transforming it into a new tool. To learn more about this vintage equipment, continue reading below.

What Is An Old Craftsman Table Saw?

The old Craftsman table saw was produced by the Emerson Electric Company for Sears in the 1950s-1960s. Until now, this 10-inch vintage model is still in use by most Craftsman loyal users because of its sturdiness and great quality. This model is by the far the best bench saw sold by Sears because it easily conforms the firm needs of large industrial shops.

Advantages Of A Vintage Craftsmanship Table Saw

Yes, an old Craftsmanship table saw is a good buy because its durability and tilting arbor saw are unparalleled even to newer models now. Made with extra heavy-duty construction, this bench saw is much preferred by most industrial shops. The tilting arbor offers an even working surface while its firm saw base and powerful motor support provides a smoother operation.

Craftsman 10-inch Table Saw Model 113.27520

Craftsman 10-inch Table Saw Model 113.27520

The operation is made faster and simpler because only slight adjustments of accessories are needed for a specific job. All handwheel controls are built in a convenient position for simple adjustment. With its 10-inch table, you also get a larger working area as compared to newer versions.

Cleaning A Rusty Table Saw

Before you start cleaning a vintage Craftsmanship table saw, you need to get hold of its manual. You can check the copy of the manual for the model 113.27520 here. Reading the manual allows you to know the parts and maintain the unit.

To make it look brand new, you need to clean all the dust and dirt embedded in the machine. Use a vacuum, a paintbrush, and a cloth to remove the dust properly.

If you find some rust on the table, you can remove it by using a scouring pad and some mineral spirits. Just wet the table with mineral spirits and scrub the rust away using the scouring pad. You can get a visual reference in this video here.

Upgrading The Parts

As compared to buying a new Sears saw with a fence, you need at least $600. This is more expensive than giving your vintage unit an upgrade. If you want your old Craftsmanship table saw to be performing like it’s new, here are some parts that need upgrading.

1. Blade

One of the parts that you need to replace is the blade, which could already be rusted and dull due to its old age. The choice of the blade depends on the job that you intend to do. At least get a 40-tooth blade to do several tasks, like crosscutting solid wood, sawing particle boards, and ripping solid wood.

One of the best blades that you can buy is the 40-tooth blade, Diablo Freud D1040X. This general purpose saw blade is made of micro grain titanium carbide which is known for its durability.

2. Fence

A firm, accurate fence is critical to a table saw’s capacity to create rip cuts neatly, safely, and precisely. Although nothing beats the durability of the vintage model, its fence may be inaccurate and difficult to use. Most vintage models use a sheet metal fence to perform the task but without accuracy.

One of the best fence systems that you can try is the Vega PRO which enables full adjustment for precision cutting. This is specially designed for most Sears 10-inch saws.

3. Miter Gauge

To give more cutting accuracy, you need to upgrade the miter gauge of your vintage table saw unit. If you’re trying to buy one, you can try the INCRA Miter1000/HD which can accurately set and quickly copy any angle you wish.

Final Thought

An old Craftsmanship table saw is a good buy because it still offers most of the features that you need for a good table saw equipment. You save more than buying a new one because you just have to create some upgrades to make it work more efficiently. Some of the upgrades that you should consider include getting a new blade, miter gauge, and fence.

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