JET JWBS-14CS Review

It is often difficult to make the perfect choice of saws and other tools which will be required for cutting and carving on woodwork. Most people are generally ill-informed about what are the various frills and features of a good saw. However, if you do want some feedback on what could be a good saw, why don’t you try out the JET 708115K JWBS-14CS Band Saw Unit? This electrical saw comes with a super-charged 14-inch 1 HP power engine along with a Volt 1 phase system as well. These are only a few of the unique frills that make it so popular among the hardcore carpentry fans.

The Jet JWBS-14CS Bandsaw will offer you a lot of space and the needed capacity and power to make all the cutting and carving work easy and effortless for you. One of its most unique features is that it has a superb re-saw feature. The re-saw feature means that you can cut a diced part of the wood into further smaller pieces and segments. This is one of the things that this saw will allow you to do. The cutting capacity is about 6 x 13-1/2 inch and there is also a cast iron table of dimensions 15×15 inch which allows you to do all your cutting work easily.

JET 708115K JWBS-14CS review

The cast iron table will make your sawing and cutting work more precise, rigid and strong, so as to make all your cutting and sawing work easy and effortless as well. This means that this cast iron table also offers stability and firmness when you need them both the most.

The adjustable lower blade guide is a further addition to the device. This is a micro-adjustable blade that can be fitted whenever the actual blade is not working at all. The blade guide is such that it will protect it against wear and tear as well as friction and ensures that it lasts for a long time as well.

The Jet JWBS-14CS is also equipped with a graphite-impregnated polymer blade guide along with roller bearing guides. The result is that the blades of the saw move faster and at the same time, due to lesser friction, the heat generated is also substantially less as well. As a result, you will be able to use your Band saw ably without any side effects and obstacles as well. This is one of the key advantages of this unique model among all the buzzer saws as well.

The heavy gauge metal housing and powder coating further ensures that you use this unique buzzing and cutting tool without any problems as well. The quick-connect electrical plug is a tool that will further aid you in connecting your buzz saw wherever you want and you will be able to use it in the most versatile fashion as well. You can set up your own place for cutting and carving wherever you want. In this way, you can make all the woodwork and carpentry related tasks quite enjoyable in a good way. This is another cool feature that makes this Band saw so recommended as well.

Mainly, what helps is that the entire Band saw is designed in such a way that one will experience great comfort and ease of use when using the device for all kinds of work whenever and wherever he wants to. There is also a unique dust collection system which further helps you to sort out all the sawdust when your work is done.


  • There is extreme comfort and safety for the hands in using this Bandsaw
  • The entire machine runs smoothly without any vibrations and frictions as well.
  • Fit and finish is excellent
  • The rip fence is very solid
  • Your cutting work will be smooth and nifty.
  • The re-saw feature works brilliantly.
  • The knobs and buttons for the blade guides and table tilt are both easy and convenient.
  • Every control is easy and comfortable.
  • The manual was very clear and easy to follow
  • The device is made from unique and durable materials
  • It is quite affordable and it also has an extended warranty service scheme.


  • The saw dust chute for your convenience needs to be renewed from time to time.
  • Clumsy use of the device can even cause substantial damage.


The JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch 1 Horsepower Woodworking Bandsaw with Graphite Guide Blocks, 115/230-Volt 1 Phase is a great Band saw that will be handy for all kinds of wood cutting work in the future.

JET JWBS-14CS review

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  • Features a rigid one-piece welded stand which requires no assembly
  • Motor is totally enclosed and fan-cooled for long life
  • Completely prewired with a unique quick connect motor-to-switch plug for easy setup
  • Upper blade guide micro-adjustments
  • “V”-groove blade guide bar for consistent alignment
  • Graphite impregnated polymer “JET Blocks” in the blade guides for quicker setup and a cooler running blade
  • Extra large 15″ x 15″ cast iron work table offset for more work area in front of the blade
  • 3/8″ woodworking blade; 6 teeth per inch
  • Built-in dust chute
  • A full 6″ under guide cutting capacity with 12-1/2″ blade to frame capacity
  • Cutting Capacity (H/in): 6
  • Cutting Capacity (W/in): 13-1/2
  • Min Saw Blade (W/in): 1/8
  • Max Saw Blade (W/in): 3/4
  • Saw Blade (L/in): 93-1/2
  • Table Size (in): 15 x 15
  • Table Tilt (R x L): 45 degrees x 10 degrees
  • Stand Type: Closed
  • Table Height From Floor (in): 43-1/2
  • Dust Chute Diameter (OD/in): 2
  • Overall Dimensions (HxWxD/in): 68 x 26 x 19
  • Motor (TEFC): 1 HP, 1 Ph, 115/230V, Prewired 115V
  • Blade Speed (SFPM): 3,000
  • Net Weight (lbs): 185
  • Stand top with motor support plate
  • 4 stand legs
  • 2 cross braces (short)
  • 2 cross braces (long)
  • 1 stand support plate
  • 1 saw body, one table
  • 1 motor, one V-belt
  • 1 pulley cover
  • 2 table lock knobs
  • 1 table pin
  • 1 trunnion support bracket
  • 1 fastener package
  • manual
  • warranty card
  • 2 Year Warranty

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