JET 708675PK Review

All the woodworkers with a shop would be looking for a perfect great performing cabinet table saw and after reviewing several others, we would recommend the JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower to be one of the most powerful and efficient one. With this tool, you can enjoy ultimate power of cutting and trimming with even the hardest piece of a material. This powerful cutting monster could give your hours of cutting one after another. Not only it is powerful, but it is efficient, easy, safe, and quiet or I may say the excellent table saw. This high performance cabinet table saw has ideal features and specifications for a wide range of woodworking.


  • Type: Cabinet
  • 3 HP motor and Poly V-belt
  • 50-inch commercial Fence II with T-square design
  • Dimensions: 85 x 36 x 38 inches
  • Weight: 510 lbs
  • Warranty: 5- year

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Review

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower, 1Ph, 50-Inch Rip Fence Table Saw

Product Details: What JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA Table Saw can offer?

  • The table saw is equipped with 3 Horsepower powerful motor appointed directly with the under table system.
  • The T-style design of this tool along with a 50 inch commercial fence gives you excellent cutting operation with accuracy and safety.
  • It features a large size cast iron table that makes room for handling larger scale jobs on its work space. The table is 29 by 48 inches.
  • The table saw has industrial magnetic On/Off switch that is wired internally to cope up with danger of power fluctuations.
  • The quick release riving knife decreases the possible risk of binding and kickback.
  • It has enclosed cabinet that gives you good storage space built-in.
  • Miter Gauge with full features to give you easy adjustment of positions with easy grip handle.
  • The tool has left tilted design for convenience of cutting.
  • It has improved safety features to prevent from damages and injuries that may happen in various situations.
  • Dust collection is efficient due to the completely shrouded blade.
  • The product includes saw with 50-Inch XACTA Fence II.

Powerful performance

The JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA gives an unmatched performance in terms of power thanks to its continuous duty cycle 3 Horsepower motor. The motor is mounted with the mechanism under the table and it is firmly installed. A pair of machined pulleys along with poly V-belt drives the power to the blade. All these components work efficiently and together they give super efficiency, smooth operation and prevent danger of slipping. Also this type of installment generate very low amount of heat for safer operation. Changing blades was never so quick; credit goes to the push button arbor lock and quick releasing riving knife.

Capacity and Accuracy

The JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA is designed exclusively with a 50 inch commercial fence II in a T-shape. Quality materials are welded together firmly to form the fence that gives you improved accuracy and performance. With the help of simple adjustment screws along with adjustable magnified cursor, you can easily your target material precisely.

The XACTA is appointed with a deluxe miter gauge which consists of a 17 ¾ inches bar enabling smooth and efficient running of the miter slot. There is also a disc at the end of the bar towards the front that connects the T-shaped slots of miter in order to avoid lifting of gauge during cutting. The miter gauge is capable of turning 60 degrees towards left or right and locking is really easy. The handle has a soft grip that enables easy adjustments to presets of 45 and 90 degrees only with a handle twist.

Diameter of the blade is 10 inches capable of giving a maximum depth of cut of 3 inches. The dado cut width capacity of this table saw is similar to that of the DEWALT DWE7491RS which is 13/16 inches.

Ease of use

The machine has blades that tilt away from its fence and thus when you cut the bevels all the scrap will fall on table. This avoids trapping of your piece of work between the blade and fence. It gives you safer and more precise cuts with convenience.

The table saw JET XACTA has a large size industrial magnetic switch that easily turns on and off during fluctuations of power. This switch is completely internally wired and it helps protect motor from danger of damage during power interruptions. If power fails, the switch prevents the machine from turning on automatically after power regains. The user would need to turn the button on in order to start the saw again. This gives easy handling and safer operation.

The tool is equipped with an advanced modular blade guard along with anti-kickback pawl and a riving knife. All of these components are easily assembled and you can operate them in safe mode in different situations. The dust shroud is also appointed along the blade and thus it adjusts to blade changes for height and bevel. The dust collection works efficiently and you can work with a cleaner machine every time.

The entire operating system of the JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA is appointed with the steel cabinet and thus aligning of the miter slot become easier with the blade on the cast iron table.


The entire system of this machine works over a cast iron table that measures 29 by 42 inches and this extended size gives you enough space to work over a variety of different kind of jobs. You get a work space of 10 inches to the front of the raised blades. The system installed under the table gives you most stable and a vibration free work space.

The table saw includes heavy cast iron 8 inches handwheels with handles that operates machined gear drives along with bevel and blade height giving you most accurate operation with minimal hassle. This machine would operate well for years.


The JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA measures 36 x 38 x 85 inches and weight of the machine is 510 pounds. The machine is not really portable and would not be suitable if you are looking for light wood work at home where you would like to take it out, cut and then put it back. The entire table saw reviews suggest that this is an appropriate shop tool and is not for use by leisurely home owners. You need to have some spare space for this machine to take on your jobsite. It though has a built-in cabinet that enables users to store various tools and spare blades inside it and there is a lot of space for all of it.


  • This table saw is capable of dealing with cutting of large pieces as it has a large rip capacity of 50 inches.
  • The tool motor has a motor power of 3 Horsepower and there is certainly no comparison on how quick you can work with this powerful machine.
  • The built-in cabinet of the tool has impressive space and user can store plenty of tools here.
  • The Trunnion is heavy and most stable and thus you get ultimate performance for all jobs.


  • This table saw is not portable and could not be moved around for small tasks. This one is suitable for wood shops.
  • It is a cabinet saw which is full sized and so it would require a floor space. Home owners would only prefer using it if they have a lot of free space around.


Jet is a name known with a rich history of excellent features and services in the field of woodworking tools and the company offers an industry beating 5 year warranty for this table saw.


Our conclusive idea of the JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA Table Saw is that it is an excellent choice high precision performance cabinet saw with impressive features and quality components all of which combine to give you accurate and safe operation of cutting.

JET 708675PK Review

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