Kreg PRS1040 Review

A benchtop router table is a tool designed to help those people engaged in woodwork activities. This equipment will aid them to finish their job in a faster way while allowing them to get ease in cutting woods at the same time. You have lots of options when it comes to this kind of tool since there are many companies that manufacture and supply this product in the market. One good example of this tool is Kreg PRS1040 Benchtop Router Table.

Kreg PRS1040 Review

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

This Kreg PRS1040 Benchtop Router Table is intended for those people who work as carpenters and those who are involved in certain wood related activities. This tool is made with features that are extremely important to obtain précised sizes of wood pieces in every cut.

Product Description

Kreg PRS1040 is a well-manufactured and well-engineered router table program that has several useful features. With an overall dimension of 41 inches in height, 32 ¼ inches in width and 24 inches in depth, this tool provides a wide space of work area which is very important in terms of huge projects. The total weight of this router table is 85 pounds. Kreg PRS1040 uses a high-end hardware for the assembling process with square drive screws. It also comes with a four-sided figure drive bit that fits ¼ inches snap-release chucks.

  • Fully enclosed fence made with aluminum – designed for maximized accuracy and dirt collection
  • Edge-banded MDF peak – takes in vibration and sound
  • Easy-slide micro-dot cover
  • Thick phenolic pop in plate – works easily with all kinds of router
  • Individual hedge faces – allows the table to become dual as perpendicular jointer
  • Double reducing rings – has 3 independent leveling or lock-down screws


Kreg PRS1040 comes with a t-square style pattern that is designed to keep the hedge remain equivalent with the miter slit. This auto squaring will let you use the miter slit which will let you adjust the fly easily. The hedge of this router table is made with an incredibly firm fully-enclosed extrusion made of aluminum that can provide superior support even on the biggest workpieces.  It also builds a full-length vacuum chamber for effective dust collection. The fence of Kreg prs1040 also has 2 fully independent hedge faces that allow the table to become dual as an upright jointer.

A competently edge-bended tabletop has the capability to resist vibration and sound due to its MDF and a high-pressure and impact-resistant protective cover. It gives ease to slip the workpieces athwart the surface. A 2 steel support bars prevent bending and bowing while the combined miter and t-slot works together with a set of accessories for better project flexibility.


On the other hand, there are some drawbacks given to Kreg prs1040. One of the drawbacks provided by those people who bought this product already is that some customers complained that PRS1040 is hard to assemble. Another one is that this router table is sold with an expensive price compared to other models available within the market.

However, these concerns regarding this tool are just minimal and answerable. First of all, this product comes with an instruction manual that includes the directions on how this tool will be assembled. Maybe those customers who complained about this matter failed to understand the steps provided so they concluded that this router table is difficult to assemble. The price of this tool is still reasonable because of the features, great performance and high quality that this particular router table has.


Kreg PRS1040 Benchtop Router Table is one of the best models of router tables available in the market. it is made with high quality materials and packed with amazing features that will aid you in doing your job daily by helping you get precise cut of woods. Even that it is sold with an expensive price, Kreg PRS1040 is still affordable because of the features and great performance that it can give to you.

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System Review

Buy Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System now!

  • Fully enclosed, aluminum fence for superior precision and dust collection
  • Edge-banded MDF top absorbs vibration and noise; easy-slide micro-dot skin
  • 9-1/4 x 11 3/4 x 3/8-inch thick phenolic insert plate works with any router
  • Individual fence faces allow table to double as a vertical jointer
  • Dual reducing rings boast three independent leveling/lock-down screws
  • Fence: 36″ (914mm) heavy-duty anodized aluminum; T-square style saw carriage; independent sliding fence faces with laminate surface and dual locking bits
  • Table: Heavy-duty 1″-thick (25mm) core to support large routers and lifts; steel reinforcing struts
  • Adjustable from 29″ to 35″ (609mm x 813mm); heavy-duty 12- and 16-gauge steel; powder-coated finish
  • System Includes: Precision router table, fence, table legs, and instruction manual.
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