Makita 1002BA Review

There are different models of planers offered in the market at present. On the other hand, not all of them have the ability to give the most important benefits that users like you should get from them. If it is your first time to use a planer and you are looking for a model that comes with good features and an outstanding performance, then you may consider Makita 1002BA Curved Base Planer.

Makita 1002BA review

Makita 1002BA 4-3/8 Inch Curved Base Planer

The Makita 1002BA is a good example of a 4 3/8 inches curled base planer which is packed with great features to help itself show its high quality performance. This particular model is used in the creating of arches or arcs in timbers. They are also good to be used on scarfs on logs. This planner comes with a huge 2-handed style to give the maximum comfort that every user like you requires while you cut. Makita 1002BA also has big front grip to let the user get enough control and this tool was packed with fine deep adjustment to suit the requisite in doing the job.

This powerful tool also has additional features such as a big chip release chute and a changeable bevel radius which can reach 11 13/16 inches. The bevel bottom was adjusted by the factory to notch out records at around 12 5/8 inches radius. This tool is ideal to be used by all timber frambers and it is the recommended tool for log house builders.

Features and Specifications

  • Sturdy 11. 0 amp motor and 15,000 rpm
  • Huge ejection chute to have a high rate for chip discharge
  • Conveniently placed front and back handles to allow the user have control
  • Precision machined bottom which is designed for notch out logs with 12 5/8 inches curled radius
  • Lock-on switch to gain continuous operation
  • Huge 2-handed style for a maximum control over the cutter
  • Flexible bevel radius at 11 13/16 inches
  • Smoothes and notch out  records to gain a comfortable fit


The Planer comes with a powerful motor and it delivers 15,000 rpm. It comes with a accuracy machined base which is designed for notching out the timber at around 12 5/8 inches radius. This tool could plane out certain areas which are concave and it can create arches or arcs on timbers and it can work on the scarfs on logs. By making slight adjustments, this powerful tool could be utilized on creating hand dewn appearance in timbers, beams as well as logs. The breadth of planning is at 4 3/8 inches while the depth is at 5 3/2. The length of the shoe is around 11 inches.

Makita planer has a reputation of creating high quality work and to give convenience and comfort on the user’s part. It is considered as the best tool used on tough cutting jobs and this is the recommended equipment for the timber frambers as well as those who are builders on log houses. The features, benefits, high quality and great performance of this tool are all packed on the product that has a very reasonable price.


The Planer is offered within the market with an expensive price compared to other brands of planers out there. On the other hand, the high cost price of this planner has a valid basis and if you will consider the benefits, great performance and good features that Makita 1002BA planer has, you will learn that the cost is just equal and reasonable.


The Makita 1002BA Curved Base Planer is the best planer offered within the market. It is sold with a very reasonable price and packed with the features that you will surely appreciate in this amazing tool. This tool is really good since it can make accurate and perfect cuts in a faster and effortless way. This is the suitable planer for those who are fond of doing the cutting tasks by their own selves at home or at their workplaces.  Also, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable while you use this tool since it comes with 2-handed style handle.

Makita 1002BA 4-3/8 Inch Curved Base Planer review

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  • Powerful 9.6 AMP motor with 15,000 RPM
  • Precision machined base for notching out logs at a 12-5/8″ curved radius
  • Large ejection chute for high rate of chip discharge
  • Conveniently located front and rear grips for operator control
  • Lock-on button for continuous operation
  • Large two-handed design for maximum control of cutter
  • Smoothes and notches out logs for a perfect fit
  • Adjustable bevel radius to 11-13/16″
  • Large conveniently located depth settings knob for easy adjustments
  • Ideal for planning curved lumber and other radius materials
  • Planing Width 4-3/8″
  • Planing Depth 3/16″
  • No Load Speed 15,000 RPM
  • AMPS 9.6
  • Overall Length 13-11/32″
  • Net Weight 11.4 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 15.4 lbs.
  • Max. no load speed 15,000 RPM
  • Power Type Corded
  • UPC Code 088381-007511
  • (1) 4-3/8″ Planer Blade, High Speed Steel, 2/pk (793008-8)
  • (1) Sharpening Holder (123055-9)
  • (1) Blade Gauge (123010-1)
  • (1) Socket Wrench (782209-3)
  • 1 year

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