Makita 9227C Review

Another innovated product launched and manufactured by Makita, well-known tool manufacturer is the Makita 9227C Polisher 7 inch hook and loop electronic polisher and sander. This product portrays almost similar features with Makita 9227CX3 Polisher, the only difference is that the later includes polishing kit while Makita 9227C does not include the said kit. This Makita polisher is powered with great strength and endurance thus making the product’s performance to be highly efficient and accurate. Its dual action feature makes the product capable of doing double purpose polishing and sanding tasks that result to a clear, smooth, precise restoration of treated surfaces.

Makita 9227C review

Makita 9227C 7-Inch Hook and Loop Electronic Polisher/Sander

Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

Owners of vehicles can buy Makita 9227C Polisher because it works with reliability and convenience. Homeowners who need this suitable product to perform home tasks can also buy this product to secure an easier and more improved polishing and sanding actions. Even paint technicians, automotive painters, enthusiasts, finishers and professionals can buy this product for a more designated and specific function that requires positive working results.

Product Description

Makita 9227C Polisher is an electronic polisher and sander at the same time with a combined power and speed that results to a quick and powerful polishing and clear sanding. It possesses flexibility in such a way that the 9227C can easily and effectively switch and divert its function from polishing to sanding. It possesses designs with firm versatility suitable for several applications and work functions. 9227C is installed with built in features such as ergonomic handle, trigger switch and loop handle that provides additional comfort and convenience to Makita Polisher users. 9227C has attachments and accessories that add up to its unique function. Makita 9227 actually does dual action techniques to work on and manage tough scratches and other imperfections and this is made possible through Makita polishers’ deep penetrating action that finally eliminates problems on rough and tough surfaces.

Features and Specifications

  • It has a (0-3000 RPM ) variable speed with maximum speed dial which has been pre-set in order to have slow polishing performance
  • The Polisher can be used continuously at one speed because it has lock-buttons that aids for this continued action
  • Constant speed is being maintained through its speed control system
  • 9227C guarantees a fast and efficient finishing touches and tasks completion
  • The manufacturer of Makita Polisher provides the customer one year warranty
  • The Makita Polisher has an over-all dimension that measures 18.50 inches in length, 7 inches in width and 7 inches in height
  • The Polisher has a shipping weight of 8.7 pounds


  • Makita 9227C possess an unbeatable electronic control
  • The tool’s handle provides comfort to its users because it possess an ideal combination of positions
  • Users are given options of adjusting the speed via triggers
  • The Makita polishers’ built in electronic settings  give the customers  just the right amount of power and energy to keep the tool running
  • The Makita Polisher has an easy to change features, soft start, and control panels that provide user a safe and accurate functions
  • Shipping the product to interested buyers is also made available but on areas covered by the shipping service
  • The user are ensured of a soft  start-up because of the products smooth start feature
  • The Makita polisher’s handle provides the user comfortable grip for easy and effective operation
  • Accumulation of static electricity is prevented through the products’ engineered plug


  • The tool may possess problems on technical details and start-ups
  • The Makita Polisher may at times appear to malfunction on some applications
  • The 9227C may sometimes fail to manage and treat rough surfaces
  • Customers may encounter some difficulties in finding backing plate that suits and is compatible with Makita 9227C
  • The Makita Polisher may work inflexible to some materials


The Makita 9227C Polisher is a useful tool that constitutes to an easier and reliable working experience. This Makita 9227C Hook and Loop Electronic Sander and Polisher is a must have product because it offers dual polishing and sanding function that users will surely benefit from. This highly innovated product offered by a well-known and credible tool manufacturer which is non-other than Makita is the most suitable solutions for the never ending problems on rough surfaces and imperfections.

Makita 9227C 7-Inch Hook and Loop Electronic Polisher/Sander review

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Features:Specs:Box includes:Warranty:
  • Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application
  • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
  • Soft start feature for smooth start-ups
  • Easily converts to a sander
  • 3-prong plug to prevent static electricity accumulation
  • Fast and powerful polishing for clearcoat finishes
  • Lock-on button for continuous use operation
  • Sanding Disc: 7″
  • Wool Bonnet: 7″
  • No Load Speed (variable speed): 0 – 3,000 RPM
  • Spindle Thread: 5/8″ – 11 UNC
  • AMPS: 10
  • Overall Length: 18-1/2″
  • Net Weight: 6.8 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Disc Size (in.): 7″
  • Variable speed control dial: Yes
  • GFCI plug: No
  • UPC Code: 088381-022408
  • (1) 7″ Hook and Loop Backing Pad (743052-5)
  • (1) Wrench (783204-6)
  • (1) Side Handle (153489-2)
  • (1) Loop Handle (416256-9)
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

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