Makita UC4030A Review

The Makita UC4030A Commercial-Grade 16-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw with Tool-Less Blade And Chain Adjustments is a sturdy tool thats fit to handle large cutting jobs. Its 15 amp motor is definitely on the more powerful end of electric chain saws, while its tool-less adjustments provide a great level of convenience to the owner. Overall, this model should be fit for someone in need of greater cutting power.

This Makita electric chain saw sports a larger trigger switch with a soft-starting mechanism. This should be a relief for chain saw owners who have struggled with starting up tempermental gas motors. The powerful 15 amp motor also has a built-in current limiter that helps prevent burnout. The limiter will reduce the current when the motor is overloaded, which could save you a costly repair.

Makita UC4030A

Features And Specifications:

  • Makita electric chain saw weight: 14 pounds
  • 16 inch bar and 15 amp motor provide sufficient power to handle larger cutting jobs
  • Built-in current limiter helps prevent the chance of a motor burnout
  • Tool-less blade and chain adjustments allow for easy maintenance at home or on the go
  • Automatic oiler with view window allows user to check oil level during the job

We found a lot of satisfied reviewers that gave this product 4-5 stars based upon its quality construction, tool-less adjustments, and general ease of use. One reviewer was in a pinch and had to overnight this saw when his gas powered chain saw suddenly broke. Even though the chain speed wasnt as fast as his gas chain saw, the motor was strong enough to make cuts in the same amount of time. He was able to easily cut through 15 inch birch logs as quickly as using a gas chain saw and became a fan for life.

Many customers did comment on the high price, but insisted the quality of this saw made up for it. One reviewer was particularly relieved by the simple startup process. According to him, “Pull the trigger and its up and running, no pulling, mixing oil, checking spark plugs, flooding the engine. Just pull the trigger and go”. Even though this Makita electric chain saw may have cost that customer twice as much as a cheaper model, it had outperformed and outlasted any cheaper models he owned in the past.

The most common complaints for this product were automatic oiler and blade dulling issues. Even though you may not have to worry about gas with this chain saw, many reviewers claimed the oil runs out fairly quickly. As many issues (most commonly dull blades) are caused by oil running out, it is important for the operator to frequently check the oil reserve. If not, you may risk wrecking your chain and interrupting your work.

From our research, we can confidently give the Makita UC4030A our recommendation. This model has comparable strength to a gas powered chain saw and should easily handle larger cutting jobs.

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