McCulloch MCC3516F Review

To begin with, if you simply want to say you are happy with your electric chainsaw, McCulloch electric chainsaw is the saw you can try. Well, are you using a chainsaw for a long-long time? It must be a heavy one, a gas chainsaw. Every time you need to mix oil with gas in your machine to lubricate it. The lubrication process is a hazardous job itself when you do not use your machine for several days, because it may not work properly, may not start your machine smoothly after a long gap of not being used. But this doesn’t happen in case of an electric chainsaw, and now the machine is much lighter than your old gas chainsaw. So nowadays, you can have a different work experience and a lighter experience of a heavy work if you have an electric chainsaw like McCulloch. It is made to save your energy.

McCulloch MCC3516F 16-Inch 3.5 HP Electric Chain Saw

Main Features:

  • Light weight, only 10 pounds
  • It has a trigger to start and switch to stop
  • The chain is made of chrome steel
  • Motor is 3.5 HP / 13.5 amp
  • Low kickback, chain break or hand guard
  • Guard links and depth gauges designed
  • Best speed 5500 per min
  • Automatic oiler (chain, bar and sprocket)
  • Easy use, as easy as anything
  • One year warranty (limited)
  • Available in selected countries outside U.S.

Easy Cut

Do you have a little wood around your place? McCulloch MCC3516F will help you to shape it, to prune it and to clean it. It cuts middle sized log like a fruit cake. Sawing is its job. Any type of branches, dry or not it can cut with your simplest command on its trigger. You will love it if you love to keep nature pruned. The chrome steel chain is one of the best cutting chains the world of science has ever invented. It’s sharp, strong and light. You cannot break it until you do some wrong sawing with it. The automatic oiler will keep your machine smooth and flawless. It will never rust and therefore never stop cutting. And you can easily tense the chain if it gets loose; it happens because heat lengthens the length of anything. The easy tensioning knob won’t let the chain get loose of its bar if you use it properly.

Powerful motor for any application

It has a 3.5 HP motor in itself. With this motor any saw becomes an ardent cutter. Electricity feeds the motor and the motor spins the chain. It’s a powerful motor and spins the chain with enough strength to cut through any types of log. Of course it would not cut metal log; you should not try it beneath a fat, erect log as well. It will cut any medium sized horizontal or semi horizontal logs. The motor has its limit. Please do not overuse it. If you feel the motor is hot, you should let it rest for a while. Please ensure that it gets a proper supply of power. An improper power supply will consume its life. Please don’t let your motor get wet; the machine is not water proof. If it’s connected with power and get wet, your machine is at risk. So we suggest you the cares above. In a proper use, the motor may serve you as long as 10 years. If you are interesting in other machines, you can check out Earthwise CS30016 Electric Chainsaw.

Auto oiling

Like every other good electric saws MCC3516F has its auto lubricating device. It makes your sawing easy. Inside the machine the oiler drops its oil to run the motor and the chain very smoothly. It means a damn lot for the machine. Sawing is not a hard job. Oil makes it smoother. Please take care that the oil container is not empty. MCC3516F has an oil indicator. It will show you how much oil is there in your machine; so you can peacefully refill it every time it needs. The longevity of your machine and chain depends to some extent on proper lubricating. McCulloch auto oiling ensures you this service.


McCulloch MCC3516F Electric Chainsaw is a log expert. If you don’t want to waste your hard earned money on the unreliable saws available in the market, you should grab it. It’ll be verified purchase. Strong enough branches are nothing to it, let alone bushes. It cuts so smoothly and so swiftly that you will grow some fondness of it. Whenever you will think of taking a walk around your wood, you will carry the saw with some joy. It will give you the joy of sawing.

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