McCulloch MXC1840DH Review


  • Chainsaw Type: Gas-Powered
  • CA (CARB) Compliant: No
  • Engine Type: 2-cycle
  • Bar Length (in.): 18
  • Engine Size (cc): 40
  • Weight (lb.): 21

Poulan Pro PP5020AV Chainsaw


The McCulloch MXC1840DH Chainsaw– A Stylish Yet Durable Solution

When picking a chain saw, it’s hard to decide what you need most, let alone choose one saw from all the available brands. You are searching for something solid and reliable that looks good but has a reputation to back it up. Design speaks to quality, and you want to select a chainsaw that speaks for itself.

The McCulloch Chainsaw Solution

With more than 60 years of experience, McCulloch has been creating chain saws for homeowners with serious chain saw needs, yet meeting their demand for style in design. The McCulloch MXC1840DH two-cycle, gas-powered chain saw is the elegant solution for all your chain saw jobs. A comfortable weight, with a still powerful engine, the power saw includes a larger-than-average bar and chain set, as well as a helmet for the safety-conscious operator.

A Manageable Powerhead With A Heavyweight Engine

Weighing in at 21 lbs., the body of the saw is comfortable to wield, yet substantial enough for your heavy-duty cutting needs. Leading the pack in 2-cycle design, McCulloch has created a saw with a 40cc engine and chrome-plated cylinder for greater durability. From trimming and felling trees, to pruning thick and heavy shrubbery, the McCulloch’s engine is up to the job.

The engine size will meet your needs if:

  • You Fell Trees Regularly – 40ccs is a great engine size for felling average-sized trees.
  • You Want A Little Extra Power For Trimming – Having the extra power of a 40cc engine will make trimming shrubbery a quick and easy task.

Some reviewers found a flaw with the starter rope. If you pull the rope out all the way, it will not retract. Buyers did find that short pulls worked well to start the saw.

The Bar And Chain Set

The McCulloch chain saw includes an 18-inch bar and chain set, slightly longer than the average 16-inch bar. This length is ideal for most large-scale trimming and cutting, for felling average trees, and for general thick-shrub maintenance. An 18-inch bar provides the leverage and weight you need for these tasks, and anything shorter will make them more difficult to accomplish efficiently.

Use the included bar and chain if:

  • Your Jobs Require Fairly Heavy-Duty Cutting – You will enjoy the leverage of the 18-inch bar for felling trees.
  • You Need To Work Efficiently – Even for trimming shrubbery, the longer bar will make your work quicker and easier.

It’s not recommended to use this bar if you prefer detailed chain saw cutting. Tight cuts and detail work will be difficult with the longer bar.

Features And Design

McCulloch’s efforts to create environmentally friendly engines have led to the development of OxyPower technology. All of their chain saw engines incorporate this revolutionary technology. The engines are equipped with catalysts that work with the OxyPower design to reduce emission temperatures, extending the life of their products and providing a safer experience for the user. The McCulloch MXC1840DH also includes a primer bulb for easy starting. With clean, ergonomic features, the exterior design demonstrates their commitment to excellence and style, inside and out.

This chain saw is a good option for you if:

  • You Are An Environmentally Conscious Consumer – The engine is built to reduce emissions, and all environmental features ultimately extend the life of the product.
  • Exterior Design Is As Important As The Inner Workings – Although it may not be wise to judge a book by its cover, the exterior design of a chain saw says much about the internal craftsmanship. The McCulloch brand is built for excellence, in all facets of construction.
  • Safety Is Important To You – The included helmet is a definite plus if you’re worried about safety.

This saw is not for you if you live in California. Although McCulloch is committed to environmental solutions, this chain saw is not CARB compliant, making it unavailable for sale in California.

Buying a chain saw is an investment, and you want to be sure to get the best design in quality and appearance for your money. McCulloch has a mission to build heavyweight chain saws with attractive features, making the McCulloch MXC1840DH an excellent choice for the dedicated consumer.

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