Milwaukee 5540 Review

Are you planning to purchase a Milwaukee 5540 Polisher at a lower price but does not want to buy a fake one? This is not a problem anymore because with the special offer of the high quality and best Milwaukee 5540 11 Amp 7-Inch Polisher, you will no longer face such problem. This is exclusively available just for you dearest users, so, grab a great deal right now!

Milwaukee 5540 review

Milwaukee 5540 11 Amp 7-Inch Polisher

Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

The Milwaukee 5540 Polisher is highly recommended for car and boat owners for this product fits polishing ad maintaining their vehicles. Home and shop owners can also buy this product because it is a helpful tool that performs better polishing tasks. This tool can perform specific tasks at home and even on shops. In general, metal fabricators, paint technicians, auto detailers and finishers can also buy the product.

Product Description

Milwaukee Polisher has light weight which is 9 pounds, therefore, this incredible polisher is easy to use – it has an easy-to-use weight as well as size. It is also very handy, for the reason that you can move the side handle from left to right in order for you to accommodate every use preference. Furthermore, with its variable-speed trigger switch, you are allowed to change the rate of the speed every time you are using it in polishing. It is very easy to be precise because you slow down and speed up its speed, depending on the application, because there is a dial speed control where you can set the speed easily. This amazing polisher is also easy to bear down every time you need a deep polish because its 11 amp motor does not bog down. After an extended use, it is easy and comfortable to grip, as well as stay cool, because its handle is glass reinforced nylon. The spindle lock it has makes this Milwaukee 5540 for convenient and fast accessory changes.  Another great thing about this tool is that is has a removable Quick-Lok cord.

With all these, Milwaukee 5540 is indeed an easy-to-use polisher and it is really great for general use. So, if you are working on your tile flooring, car, or anything which needed to be polished, Milwaukee Polisher will surely bring out its natural shine with just a short period of time.

Features and Specifications

  • Spindle Lock for Quick and Easy Accessory Change
  • Powerful 11 amp Motor
  • Detachable handle for Convenient Use
  • Exclusive Dial Speed Control
  • Aluminum Gear Case which includes Urethane Bumper
  • Quik-Lok with Set of Cords
  • Long life Brush System
  • Trigger Speed Control
  • Portable Tool Weighing just 13.2 pounds
  • Removable Blade Runner Saw
  • Aside from these, if you are going to purchase one, you will get a side handle, disc not as well as nylon washer, tool, one 7 inches rubber backing pad, and 10”2 Quick-Lok wire.


Milwaukee Polisher was created with a very powerful 11 amp motor where in it provide large amount of power in order to maintain the right and needed speed. With its spindle lock, it is also very easy and convenient to use. The Quik-Lok it has allows you easily remove the cord from the tool, for you to easy carry and store it. One greater thing about this tool is that it was built with long life, in order for you to experience the benefits it has for a long period of time. Using the Milwaukee Polisher will definitely give a real high quality gloss. You do not have to bring or use a deep gloss because this will bring out the natural color of your materials. With its 2400 RPM, you can use it even for a long time and the speed of its grinder will finish your work right up. More than that, if you wish to change the speed into a different level, there is a vary-speed trigger switch for you to easy manipulate the speed. It does not need more speed because it provides you just the proper and appropriate speed needed.


The only problem about Milwaukee 5540 is that, it is not available in any market, thus, it will be quite hard for you to purchase this great polisher. But, this is definitely not a big problem for because you can actually purchase it online. There were different sites in the internet which advertised and sell this incredible equipment. You do not have to go out and went to the market in order for you to have one, because all you have to do is get your laptop and search it in the net – with just a few days, you now have your own Milwaukee 5540.


Milwaukee 5540 Polisher  is really an incredible tool which you can use in polishing whatever you want to polish. It is at great price, and most importantly, it provides you all the benefits that you are looking for a polisher. So, there is no need to look to any polisher anymore because Milwaukee 5540 is all you ever need.

Milwaukee 5540 11 Amp 7-Inch Polisher review

Buy Milwaukee 5540 11 Amp 7-Inch Polisher now!

Features:Specs:Box includes:Warranty:
  • Powerful 11 amp motor, AC only
  • Trigger speed control, 0-2800 RPM
  • Spindle lock for convenient accessory change
  • Aluminum gear case with protective urethane bumpers
  • Length: 16-1/2″
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Voltage: 120V AC
  • Cord Type: 10′ QUIK-LOK®
  • No Load RPM: 0-2,800
  • Amps: 11
  • Trigger Lock: On
  • Spindle: 5/8″-11
  • Construction Type: Double Insulated
  • Dial Speed Control: Yes
  • Spindle Lock: Yes
  • Pad Size: 7 Inch
  • (1) 7″ Polisher (5540)
  • (1) 7″ Rubber Backing Pad
  • (1) Disc Nut
  • (1) Nylon Washer
  • Limited warranty

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