Notice When Purchasing Air Compressors

To choose the air compressor which is suitable for production needs, customers should base on factors such as capacity, power source, noise level, requires about installation and the machine structure.

Moreover, customers should chooselines with a smart design, ease of operation, maintenance (read more: common mistakes of the air compressor). Also, customers need to consider the possibility of providing service and genuine spare parts of suppliers.


Before purchasing the air pump, you must know the flow of appliances using the air (l / min or m3 / h) and the air flow total of compressor will be equal to the total flow of the entire tools and plus 25%. The formula is as follows:

Flow of compressor = Flow (Tool 1 + Tool 2 + . + Tool n) x 1.25

Power source

You should check whether you need the one-phase air compressor or the three phase air compressor. the common voltage of one-phase electric current is 110V, 220V. The air compressor having 1HP of capacity or less can be used 110V electrical current, and 220V electric current for 1 HP of capacity or more.

It is appropriate for customers to use the two phase clectric current with the air compressor having 5HP of capacity or greater horsepower. If you use tools requiring air fluctuations and the loading time is larger than 5 minutes, you should consider buying a machine using an inverter.

Machine structure

It can be divided into two kinds of air compressor:oil and non oil so users can base on the characteristics of their production activities to choose.

Air Compressor Oil: professions which is suitable to use this kind of air compressor is steel, plastic, mold, processing and normal manufacturing industries. With this kind of machine, after a certain period of operating, it is necessary to replaceamount of lubricating oil periodically. Users have to use the correct type of oil, otherwise it will cause damages to the internal components.

Air compressor non oil is suitable for accurate, medical, food industries, etc.

Non oil type: Industries such as accurate, medical, food, semiconductor, plate, etc.are appropriate to use this type of air compressor. Components of the non oil machine are made from materials that are self-lubricating, without using lubricants, , but the compressed air part is still lubricated effectively.

Installation requirements

You can select the portable machine type and fixed machine type basing on use requirements.

Portable air compressor: small size, using two wheels or four wheels to easily move, in accordance with the production.

Fixed air compressor: large volume and weight, so it isirrelevant to move. In addition, because of the fixed installation requirements and reducing vibration and noise, this type of air compressor is fixedly installed. However, when installing, users need to pay attention to the intensity level and fixed level.

Noise level

Noise level

If you have a private room to put the machine, you can choose the air compressor with a large noise level. If you put it together with other devices and close tolaborers, you should choose a machine with low noise level, good soundproofing level. The differences about the structure and the operation method make different noise level:

common piston compressor: Noise is generated when running machines without soundproofing, noise spreads around.

box formed piston compressor: the body is as same ascommon type, but the side of chassis is specially designed, using premium materials to absorb sounds, vibration and soundproofing to reduce noise.

screw compressor: Usually designed as mixed form and the side of the chassis is specially designed by using premium materials to absorb sounds, vibrations and soundproofing, so noise is smaller than the piston machine.