Oregon CS250 Review

The market is overly saturated with hundreds of different models of chain saws that are currently being sold by a wide variety of different brands and manufacturers.  Whenever you have to narrow down the extensive and expanding list to one specific model, you may realize that achieving this goal is much more difficult than it may seem.  However, all that you need to do is find one high-quality brand that has been able to develop high-quality products over the years, building a reputation for themselves within this particular industry.  Oregon is one of the best quality brands in this regard and the Oregon PowerNow 14 40-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Chain Saw is truly one of the very best models that are currently available.

Oregon CS250

Quick Start without a Pull Cord

One of the key highlights of this Oregon model is that it has an instant start cordless feature that allows you to get to work right away without having to worry about dealing with pull cords.  Anyone that has owned a traditional chain saw over the years knows just how strenuous it can be working with pull cords in order to get the chain saw up and running in the first place.  In most cases, it may even seem that you can burn out of energy quicker before the chain saw is even started up than when you are actually using it while it is running.  However, the Oregon Volt CS250 eliminates this issue completely, allowing you to be able to get to work quicker while saving a substantial amount of energy along the way.

High Quality Battery Packs

Another problem and complaint that many consumers have been experiencing when it comes to different types and models of chain saws is the weak battery life that comes with them.  Even though there are quite a few rechargeable battery pack chain saws available on the market today that are able to reach a high level of performance shortly after they have been started, the vast majority of them seem to burn off and burn out rather quickly.  A benefit of the Oregon Volt CS250 chainsaw is that it has been programmed with a high level of endurance through a top-notch quality battery pack that has been designed specifically to provide long-term power and performance for the average consumer.  There are also several different versions of this model that have been released to the public that allow consumers to choose the perfect battery pack option to meet their specific needs.

The Bottom Line: Fits Both Home and Pro Use

When it comes to purchasing a chain saw either for personal or professional purposes, you truly do not want to waste your time or your money on a model that is simply not going to last very long at all.  On the contrary, you want to invest in a model that is going to last for many years and continue to perform just as great as the first time that you first took it out of its original packaging.  The Oregon PowerNow 14 40-Volt chain saw is exactly what you need for a Mid-Range Chainsaw.  It would be perfect for both the house and work.

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