Oregon PowerNow CS250E Review

The Oregon PowerNow CS250E 14-Inch 40 Volt Max Lithium-Ion Chain Saw With Endurance Battery Pack is packed with a variety of features to make it a reliable alternative to a gas-powered chain saw. This Oregon chain saw is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery that gives it an instant startup at the pull of a trigger. This eliminates the hassles of a power cord, warmup times, or ripcord startups. This saw has a 14-inch bar and is able to cut through logs as wide as 12 inches. Also included is a PowerSharp chain sharpening system, which allows for an easy resharpening of the chain in 3-5 seconds. This product aims to offer comparable power to a gas-powered chain saw while minimizing the hassle of power cords and startup problems.

Oregon PowerNow CS250E

Features And Specifications:

  • Oregon Chain Saw total weight: 10.5 pounds
  • Instant electric startup eliminates ripcords and warmup periods
  • Convenient automatic oil lubrication system
  • A charging time of 120 minutes can cut up to 250 2-3 inch branches on a single charge
  • Can cut logs up to 12 inches wide and offers comparable power to a gas chain saw
  • Easy chain sharpening system takes the hassle out of resharpening

We found large amounts of positive reviews for this product, most of which praised this Oregon chain saws instant startup, portability, and surprising amount of power. One customer mentioned that he was able to cut through a 14 inch pine tree with this chain saw in the same amount of time as his gas-powered chain saw. While the Oregon Chainsaw may have taken slightly longer to cut, the lack of preparation, startup, and maintenance time put it on par with his gas-powered chain saw.

Several female reviewers enjoyed this product because it is lightweight, easy to maintain, and can be handled by a smaller person. Not only this, but the battery power will not disturb the neighbors and eliminates the need for hearing protection. The only drawback was the cost, as this model is more expensive than a traditional gas-powered chainsaw. However, many customers felt the benefits of this saw outweigh the more expensive price.

From a safety standpoint, several people were pleased they didnt have to deal with mixing gas and oil, hot engines, fumes, or deafening noises. One customer remarked that the self-sharpening feature not only keep him from having to touch the blade by hand, but also didnt interrupt his work,

According to our research, we can confidently recommend this Oregon Chainsaw to anyone searching for a high-quality battery-powered chain saw. Its got competitive power to a gas-powered saw and several quality features that eliminate the most common hassles.

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