Every time you purchase any powerful tool, it is required to check all the features and advantages and disadvantages that go along with them. By this, you will identify if the product will suit your requirements in your project and budget as well. This Porter-Cable 698 Benchtop Router Table Review will aid you to know more about this powerful tool and decide whether it is suitable for your working needs.


Porter-Cable 698 Benchtop Router Table

Who Could Buy/ Benefit from this Product?

Porter-Cable 698 Benchtop Router Table is the perfect option for private homes and small business as well as woodworking fanatics. Through this tool you might handle easily the comprehensive choices of woodworks, not actually less efficiently match up to Porter-Cable 698 plan might well complete. This state of the art router table from Porter-Cable provides a lot of safety and stability weigh against to the handheld table routers.

Product Description

The Porter-Cable 698 Benchtop Router Table is completed of lightweight aluminum machined for mobility and durability. It is versatile, adjustable table and portable which is perfect for home development enthusiasts as well as woodworking beginners. This exceptional tool can attach easily to a work table to provide additional stability and has the capability to move instantly from one place to another.  The 3-5/8 inch pre-drilled table hole is built to mount and adjust the router foundation and accommodates router bits with 3-1/2 inch. While the liberal height of the legs allow a sufficient amount of space for the router majority. Equipped with split fence features dual sections which user can place to work either back or front as well as laterally. Aside from this it also comes with dual power pin positions, dual insert in a smaller and bigger size as well as ¾ inches miter slot gauge.

Features and Specifications

  • It is built with 19 ¾ by 16 ¾ inch huge machine table made from aluminum along with cast-in lip in order to backed extensions.
  • Gauge slot measures ¾ inch miter
  • Numerous opening pin locations
  • Quick adaptable split fence made with automatic adjustable halves
  • 3 5/8 inches large size table hole that allows to use and accommodate router bits with 3 ½ inches diameter
  • It has dust gathering hood and 2 ½ inches hose
  • It has a 12 7/8 inches leg height that allows to utilize of 1 ½ up to 3 ¼ horsepower routers.


  • It is suitable for small and large shop, perform well compared to traditional shaper.
  • This router table works on similar concept, this can also be mounted upside and down, normally on an adjustable base plate, even thought a little mount straightly to your tabletop. For a lot of operations, the
  • It is used in combination with a split fence.
  • It doesn’t need much working space, it is portable, user friendly and easy to install. It also provides 1 year warranty and detailed instructional manual.
  • It is supplied along with state of the art technology range of dust extractor that provides clear floor as well as healthy working area in regard to wood working.
  • The porter-cable has a rugged design and built with compact table.
  • It can be obtained at a very reasonable price without compromising the quality.


The Benchtop Router Table split fence takes much time to reset. This is the only drawback that many customer notice upon purchasing this equipment. However, despite of this shortcoming, the Porter-Cable 698 still recommended when it comes to personal householders about dealing with everyday household duties. It has the ability to work with from small up to large project effectively.


The main objectives of this Porter-Cable 698 Benchtop Router Table review are to find out if this product meets your job requirements. When you can get reviews created by someone who have done similar jobs or tasks you prepare to, it helps you to make a decision. Visiting some hardware and home improvement shop to inquire for reviews and opinions will also be a good way. The Porter-Cable 698 is a superb router to think through when searching for this kind of equipment. All the products provided by Porter-Cable are mounted and receive prestigious awards as well as special recognitions.

PORTER-CABLE 698 Reviews

Buy PORTER-CABLE 698 Bench Top Router Table now!

  • Large 19-3/4″ x 16-3/4″ machined aluminum top with cast-in lip to support table extensions
  • 3/4″ Miter Gauge Slot
  • Multiple starting pin locations
  • Quick-adjust split-fence design with independently adjustable halves
  • Large 3-5/8″ table hole size allows use of 3-1/2″ diameter router bits
  • Dust collection hood sized for 2-1/2″ hose
  • 12-7/8″ leg height allows use of 1-1/2 to 3-1/4 HP routers

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