Powermatic PM1800 Review

If you are a construction worker and you need to cut different types of materials, you surely know how difficult and time-consuming it can be sometimes to find the right band saw model. Choosing the proper model from the right manufacturer is like a challenge for many construction workers. Those who really want a powerful design made by a reputable brand could get the Powermatic PM1800 (1791800) Band Saw. The model is among the ones that are best-sellers and is used by the majority of construction workers today. The reason for this is that the product has better characteristics and features in comparison to others.

Powermatic PM1800 review

As an 18 inch saw with 18 inches resaw capability, the Powermatic PM1800 is constructed in such a way to satisfy all the requirements that a construction worker may have regarding band-sawing. This sawing machine is really robust and has a weight of eight hundred lbs. For manufacturing the model, the following materials were used: aluminum, iron and steel. Because of the use of these materials, people can work with the sawing machine without much effort and in an efficient way. With a 1 phase motor and 5 horse power, PM1800 can handle multiple heavy loads. The energy from the motor is used to spin the pulley. A Poly-V belt facilitates the energy transfer between the motor and the pulley.

The pulley system is actually a two-step system that provides a balanced and strong transmission. The blades can be easily changed because of the existence of a tension controlling system. Protection is provided against power interruptions and voltage fluctuation through a magnetic switch. Prior to the computerization of the large sharp blades that are manufactured from iron cast, tires are added. The machine has large arms that can allow an easy modification of the tension. The high precision blade is controlled by its own tension system. The following three types of tensions can be obtained: full, partial and no tension at all (release mode).

Workers can perform the cuts while the machine is in the full tension mode. There are wheels for the blades that spin at the same time for ensuring a longer lifespan for the system. The wheels are placed on the lower and upper sides. A fine handling of the blade is allowed in this way, because the bearing guide system can be adjusted in very small increments.

There is flat area for each sawing machine of this type that can be tilted. It has a size of twenty four by twenty four inches. A movable disc or the various machine stops can make tilting possible. The three leveling screws that can be found in the flange are meant for allowing you to perform fine cuts using the machine. The fence arm can be modified with the use of an aluminum fence, which can prove to be helpful form lying horizontally or vertically and has increased effectiveness and durability.

The warranty of the sawing machine that weights 806 pounds is of one year. The cutting capability of the Powermatic PM1800 is of 18 inches in width and height. If you are concerned about how you will learn to use the machine, you shouldn’t be worried too much. The product comes with an easy to comprehend user manual. This manual will teach you how to easily configure and use the machine. The product suits the job that is made for perfectly, especially because of the fine mechanism that it uses. The exterior of the machine is strong enough to face any type of work that you may have to perform. In other words, this fine piece of work is surprisingly good at doing exactly what is meant to do!


  • The fence can support the model in such a way that it makes it really stable
  • The machine can deal with anything, from thick planks to broad boards
  • You would be surely surprised of how silent it can be, despite its larger size. This makes the machine a green product
  • One of the biggest advantages of the Powermatic PM1800 is its bulkiness of characteristics and features
  • The structure of the device is heavy duty and it can function smoothly because of the wheel-based construction
  • The horsepower is more than enough
  • The pulleys allow you to run the machine at 1800/4200 SFPM for improved results
  • The fence has two positions to set: vertical and horizontal
  • The quick release blade tensioner has three positions: tensioned, resting and removing
  • The design is exceptional
  • A heavy duty fence is implemented
  • With the 18 inches capacity you can perform wider straight cuts and the frame will not obstruct your scrolling
  • You do not need to assemble the saw, because you will acquire the machine already assembled. This is usually not the case when you purchase models from other brands
  • You get a warranty of one year, which is simply awesome, especially because other brands may not offer warranty at all for similar types of saws


  • The weight of the machine can make it less movable, so you will not move it too much
  • If you want to use this device for small scale sawing, its higher price may not be justified
  • One of the major drawbacks of this product is the high price in comparison to models from other brands
  • It is recommended to find a fixed location for the machine, because of its heavy weight
  • You need to set up the machine before use


Just as you have seen from the different sections of this review, the Powermatic PM1800 (1791800) Band Saw is a great machine to use and a powerful one. While its price is a bit high, the quality and performance that you get could make you save money in the long term, so the price could be justified in the end. This brand of saws is obviously the best type of saw that you can find on the market. Its characteristics and features are endless. According to user experiences and reviews regarding this product, the machine actually belongs to the top-ranked saw brands. The best way to purchase it is online.

Powermatic PM1800 (1791800) review

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  • Tension lever has full tension, partial tension, and blade release settings for easy blade changes and tracking
  • Micro-adjustable, tool-less bearing guide system gives close blade control while reducing friction
  • Special grooved thrust bearing stabilizes smaller blades
  • Heavy duty T-style rip fence has adjustable aluminum resaw fence
  • Large 24-in x 24-in cast iron table
  • 2-in diameter solid steel pin for resaw work
  • 18-in resaw, and 18-in blade to column capacity
  • Magnetic starter with power indicator lamp and jumbo stop
  • Chrome knobs and handles ensure solid grip and firm locking of parts
  • Computer balanced cast iron wheels reduce vibration
  • Dual 4-inch exhaust ports for effective dust and chip removal
  • Adjustable miter gauge with stops
  • Part Number: 1791800
  • Cutting Capacity Width: 18 “
  • Cutting Capacity Height: 18 “
  • Minimum Saw Blade Width: 1/16 “
  • Maximum Saw Blade Width: 1½ “
  • Blade Speed: 1800 / 4200 SFPM
  • Blade Length: 160 “
  • Table Dimension (LxW): 24 x 24 “
  • Table Tilt: 15 ° left, 45 ° right
  • Table Height at 90º: 37½ “
  • Miter Gauge Positive Stops: 45 °, 90 °
  • Dust Port Outer Diameter: 4 “
  • Dust Collection Minimum CFM: 600 cu.ft/min
  • Stand Type: Closed
  • Blade Width: 1/16″ to 1-1/2″
  • Wheel Diameter : 18½ “
  • Motor Power: 5 HP
  • Motor Voltage: 230 V
  • Motor Current: 21 A
  • Motor Phase: 1 Ph
  • Web Description: PM1800, 18″ Bandsaw, 5HP 1PH 230V
  • Model Number: PM1800
  • Brand: Powermatic
  • Overall Dimensions: Shipped 45-1/2 x 34 x 88; Assembled 38 x 38 x 81
  • Height: 88 inch
  • Width: 34 inch
  • Length: 45.5 inch
  • Net Weight: 806 pound
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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