Remington RM1630A Review

The Remington RM1630A 16-inch 11.5 Amp Electric Chain Saw is a corded electric chain saw with a 3.0 horsepower motor. This model sports an easy to use push button oiler as well as a 16-inch low kickback bar and chain. Remington has added a variety of safety features to this model, including an integrated hand guard, knob handle for horizontal cutting, as well as their patented guide bar retainer.

This saw is less expensive than many of the other models and should be fit for the buyers on a budget. Its 3 horsepower motor gives it a moderate amount of power that should be adequate for standard cutting jobs. Like other electric chain saws, its instant electric startup allows for quick and easy jobs without the hassles of a gasoline and oil.

Features and Specifications:

  • Shipping Weight: 11 pounds
  • Corded electric 3 HP with 16-inch low kickback bar and chain
  • Push button oiler allows for convenient oiling during the job
  • Safety features include an integrated hand guard, a knob handle for horizontal cutting, and a patented guide bar retainer
  • External adjustment screw for chain tensioning

We found mixed reviews for this product:

While this electric chain saw received a fair amount of praise for its power, ease of use, and price, we simply cannot ignore the negative reviews for this model.

Many customers said this saw “worked like a champ” and could easily cut through branches and small trees at comparable speeds to a gas-powered chain saw. Some were also pleased by the safety modifications on this model, which give extra protection for the hands. One customer was a fan of the push button oiler because it prevented drooling while in storage. Not only this, but the price was reasonable for people who only had the occasional cutting job.

One customer commented that Remington made a bunch of modifications and improvements from this saws previous model. However, many of these “improvements” had their negative sides as well. For example, while the improved hand guard offers more protection, it also has a habit of collecting wood chips. Also, while the push button oiler was changed from the last model, it often couldnt provide adequate flow.

Two things the negative reviews all shared in common were the quality of the pieces and the price of the replacement chains. Some customers had complaints that the saw had low-quality pieces which resulted in chains “jumping off the gear drive” or wiring gone bad. Many customers were not a fan of the replacement chain prices, which could often hit half the price of the tool itself.

There were a decent amount of positive reviews for this Remington electric chain saw but the model seems to have its flaws. According to our research, we would be hesitant to give this product our recommendation.

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