Remington RM1840W Review

The most hardworking electric chainsaw in the market is Remington RM1840W chainsaw. To anyone who loves to cut small pieces of logs, or woods of his own accord, Remington will be an object of adoration. To grow up self-dependent is something that matters. A small furniture shop or a wood shop, or a carpenter shop needs an electric chainsaw almost every day. Those who love finishing their sawing themselves will find Remington a powerful companion at work. For a little sawing often you may be forced to visit the wood mills. This is irritating. To cut your logs into pieces and even to slice them into small wood plates, Remington can always help you immensely. RM1840W can save your money and time in many ways. You can give your logs whatever cut you want, whenever you want and however you want. It’s a nice cutting machine. It won’t even vibrate a bit.

Remington RM1840W Chainsaw

The Features to Be Discovered:

  • 18 inch bar, strong
  • But it’s a fine cutter, razor sharp
  • It’s a smart enough saw.
  • Its motor is strong enough to work long hours, 12 amp
  • Its price is less than it could have, only $84.
  • Handle is big enough to have a tight grip on it.
  • 18 inch chain which is proven sharp.
  • Very light weight, just 11 pounds
  • The tool less tensioning is a good feature.
  • Low kickback, really safe.
  • Bucking teeth, Large and steel

18 Inch Corded Chain

The 18 inch chain is the first thing to like most of Remington electric chainsaw. It can cut big logs into pieces. Bringing down big erect trees is not is function. Erect trees may press back on it; in that case the machine may be damaged. That is done by the mills. But cutting fat enough horizontal logs into pieces, even if they are good quality wood, it becomes the holy duty of Remington. Whether they are good logs of Pine, Mahogany, olive, Willie ash, or oak, Remington saws them all fiercely. You can even try Gidgee, Quebracho, Lignum Vitae, Snakewood, Verawood, Black Ironwood, Camelthorn, Katalox, African Blackwood or Celbi. The performance of the log master will astonish you. The strong, sharp chain will cut them all very well. It saves a damn lot of our physical energy. The teeth are pure steel, bucking teeth which help to cut very fast keeping the device farm in its place. The auto oiling process also adds to its speed. It’s called the log master, and it truly is.

A Balanced Cutting Machine

RM1840W is a balanced cutting machine. It’s right hand grip, left hand grip and it’s bucking four teeth together make the machine a balanced cutting machine. One may think that such a big chain and bar; it must tremble while it cuts. But the truth is it doesn’t tremble when it cuts, rather the log it cuts tremble sometime. I’m just joking. Nothing trembles, neither the saw nor the log. If we can keep everything in a farm position, nothing trembles. The saw is a light weight saw. So it’s easy to handle. You don’t feel tired too early if you keep cutting with the saw. All that you need is to hold it in its place; the saw does its duty and you watch. It a good thing to look at; how it cuts. It’s really a good thing to look at, but please with glasses on your eyes.

Automated Oiling

The automated oiling deserves some credit. It enhances the speed of any sort of sawing work. The 12 amp motor is extra powerful for cutting, but had it not been for the automated oiler, the motor power wouldn’t have been sufficient for slicing through hard, dry logs. Running the motor without oil is too risky. The chain may get stuck at some point and it would harm the motor. The oiling keeps everything smooth, the bar, the chain, sprockets and the motor.

Decide Now

As a whole, if you have any need of sawing, Remington best electric chainsaw can prove to be the best option for you. Its 12 amp motor doesn’t stop from sawing a good number of logs anyway. It’s designed to saw the toughest possible logs for you. Please take a great care of it, so that nothing breaks it plastic part. Don’t let it get wet, no problem will be found in its long time service then. The chainsaw will be there beside you in your hardest sawing jobs. It’s the most relentless work assistant you need for slicing your logs into pieces.

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