RIKON 70-050VS Review

The RIKON 70-050VS 12-Inch by 16-Inch Mini Lathe 3 Variable Speed Ranges is one of the best values you can get for a lathe. Not only is it a high quality mini lathe, it comes with all the features you need to learn to do lathe turning or make great products if you already know how. Best of all, it’s amazingly cheap despite everything it gives you.

RIKON 70-050VS review

RIKON 70-050VS 12-Inch by 16-Inch Mini Lathe 3 Variable Speed Ranges

Rikon is a large manufacturer of wood working power tools who knows just about everything there is to know about making a tool that does what it should.  They put this experience to great use by making high quality products that don’t carry the huge price tag of other brands.  They even have extremely knowledgeable and helpful support if you have any questions.

The cost of this lathe is is amazing considering its high quality and the awesome features it has, including:

  • It has a self ejecting tail stock to make it easy to work with.
  • Because of its intelligent design, you won’t find yourself needing a knock out bar to remove the center.
  • The four inch tool rest makes this lathe perfect for turning pens and other similar items.
  • Thanks to its high tech system, the lathe provides tons of smooth power transfer with very little vibration.
  • Because Rikon believes in the quality of their tools, they include a five year warranty to back up the lathe.

Who is it for?

RIKON 70-050VS is really aimed at beginning and intermediate lathe turners.  There is nothing bad about it that would make it inappropriate for a more experienced user, it’s just that the size of the lathe and the features that are included are meant to make it easy to use for someone who isn’t very experienced.

Pros and Cons

One striking feature of the Lathe is the fact that it’s actually somewhat big for a mini lathe.  It is still small enough that you can stick it just about anywhere without taking up much room and light enough that you don’t need to ask a friend to help you move it, but also big enough to tackle many projects.

The wood lathe is 32 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 12 inches tall.  It weighs approximately 74 pounds and is finished in green and white with black knobs.  It is attractive by its own right and will look good in any shop.

The benefits of this lathe, aside from the fact that it’s an amazing value, are that it is larger than almost any other mini lathe on the market, is simple and easy to use, has very little vibration to ensure precision results, and includes useful additions for various projects.  The downside would be that, despite being larger, it’s still a small lathe and can’t handle large projects.

Why you should buy RIKON 70-050VS

The best reason to buy this lathe is that it delivers professional quality with a home use price tag. It will do everything you need without emptying your bank account.


Overall, This is one of the best lathes you could get if you are at a beginning or intermediate skill level.

RIKON 70-050VS reviews

Buy RIKON 70-050VS 12-Inch by 16-Inch Mini Lathe 3 Variable Speed Ranges now!

  • RIKON 12-inch by 16-inch size is perfect for beginner and intermediate turning projects
  • Three variable speed ranges: 300-700, 700-1500, and 1500-3350 RPM
  • Twelve-inch swing; 16 inches between centers
  • Largest mini lathe in the industry
  • This increased capacity lets you do more while occupying less space
  • Backed by RIKON 5 years warranty

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