Safety Measures While Operating A Band Saw Machine

Safety Measures 2
In the process of operating a band saw machine, it is not just about cutting the work pieces but safety is also mandatory. The machine operator must have all the safety procedures that are required so as to remain safe all the time.

When the operator lacks the proper knowledge to operate the machine and do not have the relevant experience that is required, he/she can spoil the work piece and at the same time the saw can be dangerous to the user. Each and every band saw machine has its own features. This implies that the operator must be aware of the machine operation and features before using it. This is to ensure that he/she is fully aware of the safety procedures of each machine type and how to use each machine safely.

Here are some of the important factors that should be well known by the operator:

1. The safety check before operation

  • The operator should take some time and go through the user’s manual before operating the band saw machine.

2. Try as much as possible to avoid likelihood of troubles

  • You should ensure that the work piece is clearly secured by clamping before cutting. Moreover, the guides should be very close to the work piece.
  • When the machine is running, you should stay clear.

3. The cleaning precautions

  • You should not clean the machine when it is in operation/cutting and it is advisable to unplug the electrical power to the machine so as to avoid electric shocks.
  • You should use a tool when reaching into the cutting area and never let any part of your body get close to the blade.
  • After cleaning, return to their original positions the awareness barriers, access doors and the guards.

4. The precautions for maintenance

  • A welding torch should never be used as this will burn or fail the hydraulic, electrical and air lines. Besides, this may destroy the mechanical components.
  • The operator should ensure that all the motors are free from dust, debris and obstructions as all these may result in overheating.
  • All the power (air, hydraulics and electrical) should be turned off and locked during maintenance checks.


  • Shields and safety glasses should be worn all the times so as to protect the eyes from the airborne foreign materials.
  • A face mask should be worn so as to protect the lungs from dust. This applies mainly when operating it with a belt grinder.
  • You should have the right attire. You should avoid wearing loose clothing and a tie that may be caught in a machine. Besides, you should not wear jewelry while operating mechanical equipment.
  • You should hold the work piece with a vice rather than your bare hands.
  • The blades are normally coiled and under a lot of tension and therefore it is very important to uncoil them with a lot of attention and care.
  • When you are under a prescribed medication or drugs, you should not operate the saw.
  • Always wear gloves while uncoiling the blades.

The key towards gaining the knowledge is to understand and familiarize with your band saw machine. The operator will be with the machine every day and should consider the potential hazards while operating them as even the automatic machines are dangerous if not properly handled. You should always be alert and aware of the potential dangerous situations.

If the band saw is properly handled, then the dangers associated with it will be eliminated but if handled carelessly, it can easily hurt you.

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