Sawzall Blades Buying Considerations

Sawzall blades are used for reciprocating saws. These saws are power tools that cut through push and pull blade motion. It can cut vertically and horizontally and thus, working on wood, metal or plastic is of no issue when you use reciprocating saw.

Because of the versatility of reciprocating saws or saber saws, the correct choice of blade is necessary. Thus, to help you buy blades, we will provide herewith some helpful tips for you to consider.

Before you buy blades for your reciprocating saw, you have to identify the cutting job that you are working on.  While you can cut any material with your saber saw, you have to identify the most often material to cut so that you will be able to buy the correct blade that will allow you to work on numerous projects.

>> 6 TPI Sawzall Blades

>> 10 TPI Sawzall Blades

>> 14 TPI Sawzall Blades

>> 18 TPI Sawzall Blades

>> 24 TPI Sawzall Blades

TPI for Sawzall blades

TPI or teeth per inch is the identifier of the type of blades you will purchase. Usually, TPI range from 3 TPI to 24 TPI. There is also the carbide grit which is a carbide blade material that cuts precisely on cast iron, ceramic tile and clay pipe.


  • TPI for heavy duty cutting will range from 6 TPI to 18 TPI.
  • Metal cutting uses 14 TPI to 24 TPI.
  • Normal wood cutting will require only 3 TPI to 10 TPI which will cut wood faster.

Types of tooth set styles

For your reciprocating saw or saber saw, there are a few tooth styles to choose from. They are wavy, raker and variable pitch.


Wavy set tooth is good for all around wood sawing. It is also wear-resistant and thus for normal sawing project, it will serve you longer.

Raker set is for fast cutting, it offers more aggressive cutting and thus performs better.

Variable pitch on the other hand allows you to cut even through nail which is helpful for variety of cutting projects.

Length of the blade

Finally, the last consideration when buying blades for your saber saw is the length of the blade. For normal cutting projects, the shorter blade may be enough.  For more aggressive cutting job, the longer blade will help you cut through thicker materials. They will also work on wood with nails on a heavy duty demolition job. It will cut through metal when doing plumbing work. It will also work well with plasters, stucco, and composites for construction projects.


Sawzall is the brand name of Milwaukee Electric Tool Company but because of its versatility, it has been a household name when referring to blades for reciprocating saws.

Thus, it is not difficult to look for one but then, you have to know what you need before you jump into buying the first blade with the Sawzall trademark on.

Another important tip when buying blades for your reciprocating saw, reciprocating saw or saber saw is to find it online. Buying accessories for your power tools online offers you a cheaper option. While you have to buy the branded and more reliable Sawzall blades, you have to check out the prices online to be able to buy them cheaper.

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