Scroll Saw Blades Buying Considerations

Do you need scroll saw blades?  Do you know how to choose the correct blade for your scroll saw?  If you are wondering how to choose the right blade for your requirements, we will provide you here with some tips in the correct choice of blades that will last longer.

Before we move on, the correct choice of blades for your scroll saw will depend on the work that you have for it and your experience in operating your saw.  If you have been using the scroll saw for a while, then, you would probably stick with your type of blade but then it is still depending on the project at hand.  Do you need to cut faster or do you need a precise and clean cut?  Depending on your need, there is a correct blade for it.

Here are some blade buying considerations for whatever cutting job you have at hand.

Scroll saw blades teeth per inch

TPI or teeth per inch is an important consideration.  This is where you will have to identify the type of material you will cut and its size.


Usually, it is necessary that there are at least 3 teeth per inch in your cutting material.  Thus, TPI usually start at 3 TPI to 24 TPI for wood cutting.  Again, depending on the cut that you need, you will have to choose the correct TPI.  3 TPI will give you faster cutting but with rough edges.  Higher TPI will usually give you slower cutting but with more precise and smooth edges.  A higher tooth per inch is good for fretworks.

Scroll saw blades width

The width of the blades will depend on the thickness of the material you will cut.  If you are cutting dense and thick material, you need wider blade but if you will need to cut curves or sharp angles, then narrow and flexible blades is the best choice.

Blade tooth types

There are a few tooth types to choose from.  There is the standard blade which is good for one way cutting and there are also the reverse tooth blades.  The reverse tooth blades are good because they cut both ways for faster cutting.

Skip tooth blades, double skip tooth blades and precision ground tooth blades also work for different cutting requirements.  Thus, you have to know which among these types of blades will work for your cutting project.

Where to buy your blades

Once you know the type of blade that your cutting job requires, you may want to check if it is available online.  If it is available, then, you can choose to buy your blades online.  This is because you have the option to check the prices before you buy and thus, you can buy the best blade that you need at a comfortable price.

Buying scroll saw blades can be a tough job for a newbie, but if you can follow the lead in this article, then you will be able to buy what you need properly and at the best price possible.

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